Live Review: Metallica – Amsterdam (Night 2)

Live Review: Metallica – Johan Cruijff Arena, Amsterdam (Night 2)
29th April 2023
Support: Ice Nine Kills, Floor Jansen
Words: Tim Finch

Just two days after Metallica shook the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam to its foundations, we are back for round two. The second night of this double header to kick off their two year jaunt across the world.

If you missed what happened on night one, check out our coverage here. Tonight we are here to see how they follow that up!

The one thing that stands out for night two is the weaker support line up. Replacing Architects and Mammoth WVH from the first night, this Saturday evening we were supposed to have Ice Nine Kills and Five Finger Death Punch. But as luck would have it - and to the relief of all 60,000 in attendance - Five Finger Death Punch pull out for an unexplained reason leaving us with the majestic Floor Jansen of Nightwish instead, and what a massive upgrade that is.

Ice Nine Kills horror inspired metalcore went down well with the younger generation in the arena demonstrating promise for thier future. But Floor's set was inspired. Whilst she and her band didn't really utilise the full stage, instead focusing attention mainly on the snakepit, her voice carries magnificently across the arena. All topped off with a rounding rendition of 'Phantom of the Opera' accompanied by the fully suited Dutch Opera star Henk Poort.

But it’s the headliners we are all here to see.

As 60,000 strong fans gather around the bands stage in the centre of the field expectant and awaiting round two that sound kicks in again, Ennio Morricone's ‘The Ecstasy of Gold' has a way of building the atmosphere for a show like no other and as the song dies down four figures appear from the darkness, Metallica are here again.

Just as night one opened with instrumental 'Orion', night two follows suit, this time the haunting tones of 'The Call of Ktulu' ring out around the arena, just the fifth time the band have played this in the last ten years. From here it's straight into 'Creeping Death' and as 60,000 of us chant 'Die' in unison that electric atmosphere builds further.

Another classic 'Leper Messiah' leads us into 'Until It Sleeps', the only 'Load' era song of the evening. We're then into the new material segment and again, just as we saw on night one three new songs feature. '72 Seasons', 'If Darkness Had A Son' and 'You Must Burn!' all get their debut live airings paired with the ultimate Metallica anthem 'Welcome Home (Sanitarium)'.

A Black album duo of 'The Unforgiven' and 'Wherever I May Roam' lead us into the first song from 'Justice' of the two shows. Finally the albums duck is broken on this tour as Kirk wails through the intro of 'Harvester of Sorrow' and it won't be the only song to feature from the forth album this evening.

'Moth Into Flame' allows the quartet to utilise the pyro for the first time of the evening leading straight into 'Fight Fire with Fire' at break neck speed. Rob is given a few minutes to wow the crowd as a bass solo takes us into the only cover of the weekend, 'Whiskey In The Jar', although with so many great covers to chose from, it does leave many wondering why this one?

By now the band are raging thirty songs into their double header in Amsterdam and it's time to pull out the big guns. The eight huge screens flicker back into life as the intro to 'One' with its usual war themed animation rolls across the video walls. Just as the fans get ready to rest their neck from an eight minute hand banging marathon its onto set closer 'Enter Sandman', which may be a little over played these days. However as you watch 60,000 fans pump their first in unison and you realise just why they play it so much, it is a sight to behold.

Over two days and thirty two songs Metallica have wowed a huge audience in Amsterdam to open up the M72 tour. It wasn't perfect. The stage is a little too big leaving some of those standing with an empty space in front of them for periods of time during the show, and Kirk had a few guitar issues on night one. But other than that Metallica have proven once again they are kings of the genre.

Kiss, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden all put on huge shows in their own right, and we have seen them all in recent years. But none of those names even come close to the show that Metallica put on. Once again proving the naysayers wrong with a simply unbeatable metal performance.


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