Album Review: Gaffed – Die Already

Album Review: Gaffed - Die Already
Reviewed by Dan Phipps

Originally formed in the early 90’s in New Jersey Gaffed released 2 demos in 1994 & 1995 respectively and then disbanded. Reforming during the pandemic with a mostly intact lineup from the demo days, Gaffed have recorded a debut full length release with the very blunt and to the point title Die Already.

Die Already offers seven tracks of no nonsense East Coast death metal which is performed exactly how it should sound. The record is a slab of solid thick sounding heaviness, Die Already is by no means particularly flashy but with its collection of songs Gaffed delivers everything that you would expect from a band from the New Jersey/New York area, especially one who was around during the 90’s when bands like Internal Bleeding, Dehumaized and of course Suffocation were prevalent and brought another more volatile attitude to the genre.

Album Review: Gaffed - Die Already

Not only do Gaffed deliver music that meets that criteria, the sound of the record actually reminds me of albums released during that time period, with its thick and full but no way over processed sound with the guitars really taking centre stage on the record with a massive thick and meaty sound which shows you just how powerful that classic brutal death metal sound is. Die Already has an insane amount of groove and when it hits it is like a brick straight into the face and during every track you are going to get raw old school brutal death metal combined with those slick grooves and serious attitude.

Die Already is as honest as it gets slab of classic brutal death metal. I won’t pretend I knew of Gaffed before hearing this record but hearing those classic demos and seeing how they sound is something I’ll be looking for ASAP, and if your a fan of groove filled thick sounding old school death metal, Die Already definitely hits all the right marks.

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