Album Review: VHS – Quest For The Mighty Riff

Album Review: VHS - Quest For The Mighty Riff
Reviewed by Rick Eaglestone

Canadian barbarians VHS return armed with the sword of power for their latest output Quest For The Mighty Riff

This homage to 80’s sword and sorcery movies starts how you would expect, aptly named 'The Quest Begins' sounds like something out of a dungeons and dragons sourcebook, it’s narrative style providing the perfect gateway into this unique blend of death metal, just as the settling in process begins the band fire off “Cleave ‘Em and Leave ‘Em” which features guest vocals from Molder’s Aaren Pantke and “Dagoth Must Die” in rapid succession.

Another guest vocalist appearance features on 'Crimson Haired Warrior' with Hyperia’s Marlee Ryley’s punk style adding a new dynamic to the album’s overall sound with 'llias and His Magic Bow' makes me want to journey back to 1984 and rewatch the movie Conquest.

Once again providing a narrative style to the tracks start 'The Fighting Eagle' is so far the albums heaviest track, whereas I genially thought “Adventures, Heroes, Brothers” was going to swerve and go into NWOBHM territory and although it wasn’t to be it does feature some really nice bass lines.

Another nostalgia trip starts with the name Victor Kruger and title 'There Can Be Only One' before the interludial 'The Quest Begins' concludes the first half of the album.

Album Review: VHS - Quest For The Mighty Riff

Now onto my highlight track of the album, the brooding 'Are You Afraid of Dragons' features the vocal talents of Hellripper’s James McBain, the slower more purposeful tempo is shattered by some glorious guitar solos and if that wasn’t enough these flow into 'Hail King Arthur' which also contain synths.

Just for its name alone and lyrical content 'Eternia Needs A Hero' gets high praise, this has a thrashier side which I really enjoyed and by the way Eternia doesn’t as we all know it’s Orko! How do the band follow this up? With a tale of a young man’s quest for revenge 'Beastmaster' is another journey into 80’s movie territory and another one I’m adding to the rewatch list.

The album concludes with 'The Quest is Now Complete' or does it…

Well, no, this album contains not one but two bonus tracks and they are equally wonderful and batshit crazy choices. The first felt it like it spent the entirety of 1991 at the top of the charts the band take on Canada’s own Bryan Adams 'Everything I Do (I Do It For You)' and annoyingly its genius which then VHS follow up with 'The Neverending Story' which I now is going to be stuck in my head constantly now.

I loved, the riffs and the narrative nostalgic journey.

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