Album Review: Darklon – The Redeemer

Album Review: Darklon - The Redeemer
Reviewed by Rick Eaglestone

Greece’s Darklon follow up their 2019 debut with new release 'The Redeemer'.

Album opener and title track 'The Redeemer' is not only a strong statement that sets the tone for the album but it’s homage to Mad Max Fury Road is the first introduction of new vocalist Nikos Migus A. formerly of Omen, the track is fully charged with a plethora of traditional heavy metal elements and as the follow up track 'Rancor And Agony' fires through the speakers the heart pumping drum patterns and bass lines are just spot on, as too are the many solos that appear throughout.

Providing a slightly thrashier side but with deep rooted gallops 'I Am Death' is easily my highlight track of the album, again the blend and musicianship passion is evident, each track so far has so much relentless energy that it’s impossible not to be drawn into it, after this there is a dose of ancient mythology with 'Lamashtu’s Claws' providing the most storytelling track of the album with its depiction of the female demon who bore seven names and described as seven witches in incantations.

Album Review: Darklon – The Redeemer

'Iron Glory' takes us the halfway point at an absolute juggernaut pace, with 'The Bloodstone' complimenting nicely with a slower, more purposeful tempo which has influences of Dio running through it and again I have to mention the guitar solos because this album is absolutely laden with them which for a heavy metal album is clearly essential but as we move into each track them just seem to get more technical.

Penultimate offering 'The Downfall' lyrically is the strongest track of the album and final track the foreboding 'Way Back Home' is a fine send off for this collection of songs. The balance of track lengths has been just right, and every track has held my attention throughout. I loved the nonsense approach and aesthetics of fantasy and mythology.

This has been my first introduction to the band, and I’m struck by just how well they incorporate classic elements and blend them into a modern-day twist and now that I have listened to this a few more times I am very glad that Darklon are now on my radar.

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