Release Round Up – May 26th 2023

Release Round Up

Release Round Up - May 26th, 2023

Every Friday there is a tidal wave of new music released unto the world. Whilst we try to cover as much as possible here at The Razor's Edge, it's not always possible to review everything. So each week on a Friday we'll round up some of the best new music available, some we've reviewed, some we haven't, but all worth checking out!

Theres a lot of new heavy music hitting the airwaves this week, everything from black metal, death metal, gothic metal, Stoner rock, doom, thrash metal and even some of your traditional heavy metal!

Here's what we think you should check out today!

Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner launches his Elegant Weapons project with 'Horns For a Halo' released via Nuclear Blast.

"The guitar melodies are impossible to deny and it’s filled with catchy hooks."

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UK hard rocking five piece Blind River release third album 'Bones For The Skeleton Thief'.

"Raw and uncompromising rock and roll with plenty of soul and groove"

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Swedish death metal stalwarts Vomitory release 'All Heads Are Gonna Roll' via Metal Blade records.

"Vomitory return with their first record in over a decade and absolutely school audiences on what makes a quality extreme metal piece."

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Black metal original Immortal releases 'War Against All' via Nuclear Blast Records.

"a full-on blistering black metal charge"

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High Desert Queen and Blue Heron team up on split album 'Turned To Stone Chapter 8: The Wake' released via Ripple Music.

"A thoroughly enjoyable split EP from two bands who are starting to get the recognition that they deserve."

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Underrated NWOBHM outfit Trespass release 'Wolf At The Door' via From the Vaults.

"the band showcase a more relaxed and easygoing atmosphere we can sink into."

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Canadian thrashers Terrifier release 'Trample The Weak, Devour The Dead' via Empire Records.

"a genuinely steamrolling performance"

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Louisiana rockers Vermilion Whiskey release 'Crimson & Stone'.

"all of the heavy riffs and killer drum fills needed"

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Cult death metallers Phlebotomized release 'Clouds of Confusion; via Hammerheart Records.

"dense sonic journeys that although based in death metal invade the worlds of folk and prog too."

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EDM-Metal outfit Reasons Behind release 'Architecture of an Ego' via Scarlet Records.

"The crushing guitar riffs from Gabriele Sapori and the bone crushing bass tone of Michele Cavalca are immense."

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East coast hardcore outfit Kings Never Die release 'All The Rats' via Metalville.

"if you are a sucker for classic hardcore then All The Rats will meet your needs 100%."

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Blistering death metal act A Pretext To Human Suffering release 'Endless Cycle of Suffering' via Reality Fade Records.

"hits like an absolute tank into your ears"

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Blackened death metallers Olkoth release 'At The Eye of Chaos' on Everlasting Spew Records.

"audiences may become exasperated as to how devastating this album is on the senses."

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And thats just the tip of the iceberg! Other releases today we think you should check out include...

Rock / Hard Rock / Classic Rock

Civil Villains - Motion Sick (Self-released)
Ivy Gold - Broken Silence (Golden Ivy Records)
Lee Small - The Last Man On Earth (Metalville)
Lieder Distortion - Don Giovanni (Self-released)
Mando Diao - Boblikov's Magical World (Playground Music Scandinavia)
Midnight Swim - Into The Night [EP] (Self-released)
Otan Raw - Otan Raw (Self-released)
Sweat - Who Do They Think They Are? (Tee Pee Records)
Swervedriver - Petroleum Spirit Daze (Outer Battery Records)
The Dirty Nil - Free Rein To Passions (Dine Alone)
Vonavibe - Bleed To Life (Eclipse Records)

Heavy Metal

dEMOTIONAL - Scandinavian Aftermath (AFM Records)
Disillusive Play - Songs for the Non-Existent (wormholeDeath Records)
Dr. Schafausen - How Can You Die? (Minotauro Records)
Hanoi Rocks - The Days We Spent Underground 1981-1984 (HNE Recordings)
Heathen Kings - Fealty To None (Self-released)
Raven - Faster Than The Speed of Light and Covers (HNE Recordings)
Resolution 13 - Derelict (Sliptrick Records)
Sirenia - 1977 (Napalm Records)
Speed Limit - Hit The Wall [EP] (NRT-Records)
Under Attack - Fury of the Thunder God (Lake of Fire Productions)

Black Metal

Cloak - Black Flame Eternal (Season of Mist)
Kostnatění - Úpal (Willowtip Records)
Nattverd - I Helvetes Forakt (Soulseller Records)
Ondfødt - Det Österbottniska Mörkret (Black Lion Records)
Paracrona - Sun God (Self-released)
Ruim - Black Royal Spiritism - I. O Sino Da Igreja (Peaceville)
Sarvekas - Woven Dark Paths (Soulseller Records)
Teitan - In Oculus Abyss (Onism Productions)

Death Metal / Death-Doom / Grindcore

Bolverk - Svarte Sekunder (wormholeDeath Records)
Bosparans Fall - Götterspiel: Dunkle Zeiten (Black Sunset)
Carry The Torch - Delusion (Black Lion Records)
Ethereal Void - Gods of a Dead World (Self-released)
Garoted - Bewitchment Of The Dark Ages (Lavadome Productions)
itSELF - The Ansence (Self-released)
Liquid Flesh - Tapage Nocturne (Time To Kill Records)
Pandrador - Seior (Pagan Records)
Ronwe - Ronwe (Music-Records)
Suffering Quota - Collide (Tartarus Records)
The Way of Purity - The Order of The Deep Roots (WormholeDeath Records)
Whythre - Impregnate My hate (High Point Records)

Doom / Stoner Rock / Sludge / Psych

Ancient Ruins - Hexahedron (wormholeDeath Records)
Formalist - We Inherit a World at the Seams (Brucia Records)
Gawthrop - Deterioration (Sentient Ruin)
Ǥứŕū - Nova Lvx (Sleeping Church Records)
In Terms - Stars Caught Tonight (These hands Melt)
Loose Sutures - Sado Sex for Dummies (Electric Valley Records)
Mud Spencer - Kliwon (Argonauta Records)
Nibiru - Anamorphosis (Argonauta Records)
Oceanlord - Kingdom Cold (Magnetic Eye Records)
Ockra - Gratitude (Argonauta Records)
The Foreshadowing - Forsaken Songs [EP] (Ardua Music)
The Mon - Eye (Supernatural Cat Records)
Vexing - Grand Reproach (Ordovician Records)


A Lost Cause - Church of Night (Self-released)
Arrival of Autumn - Kingdom Undone (Nuclear Blast)
Beyond Your Design - Saints & Sinners (Self-released)

Post-Rock / Post-Metal

Jaaw - Supercluster (Svart Records)
Inherus - Beholden (Hypnotic Dirge Records)
Vorder - False Haven (Suicide Records)

Power Metal

The Silent Rage - Nuances of Life (Scarlet Records)
Walk With Titans - Olympian Dystopia (Rockshots Records)

Progressive Rock / Metal

Godsticks - This is What A Winner Looks Like (KScope)
Kekal - Depper Underground (2023 Updated Edition) (Self-released)
Oryad - Sacred & Profane (Self-released)
Trailight - Mirrors (Self-released)


Cock Sparrer - The Decca Years [Vinyl Edition] (Captain Oi!)
Fighter - Eye of the Fighter (Amazing Records)
Heart Attack Man - Freak of Nature (Self-released)
Nascar Aloe - Hey Asshole! [EP] (Epitaph Records)

Thrash Metal

Belushi Speed Ball - What, Us Worry? [REISSUE/NEW LABEL] (Empire Records)
Evil Brain Taste - Number Two (Self-released)
TYMO - The Art Of A Maniac (Empire Records)
Unfair Fate - Into The Abyss (WormholeDeath Records)

And the rest...

Maud the moth & trajedesaliva - Bordando el manto terrestre (Time Released Sound) [Dark Ambient/Drone]
Trold - Der Var Engang... (Mighty Music) [Folk Metal]

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