Album Review: Tortured Demon – Rise Of The Lifeless

Album Review: Tortured Demon - Rise Of The Lifeless
Reviewed by Rick Eaglestone

It has certainly been a busy few years in the Tortured Demon camp and the Manchester thrashers are back with new guitarist, gearing up for another performance at this years Bloodstock Festival and if that wasn’t enough, they are also returning with a brand-new album 'Rise of the Lifeless'.

The album’s short introduction ‘An Empire Condemned’ fits in with the album’s nightmarish artwork aesthetic perfectly and sets up the blistering title track ‘Rise of the Lifeless’ which has some absolutely insane drum work from Joe Parkinson.

The onslaught continues with ‘Virtual Death’ which highlights Jacob Parkinson’s vocal maturity now that new lead guitarist Billy Hourigan has joined the ranks giving the band a sharper edge. My highlight track of the album has to be ‘Global Threat’ as it really does highlight the musicianship and just how well the band play as a collective unit it is honestly as if they have been playing together for decades.

Halfway point ‘Disfavour’ has some really nice melody infused within it and will no doubt be a popular live choice and also has some nice solos which continue on into ‘Conflict of Interest’.

Album Review: Tortured Demon - Rise Of The Lifeless

‘Erase Your Life’ is yet another feat of pure power and speed and the frantic pace doesn’t let up anytime time soon as ‘This War Will Come To You’ is easily the most visceral track of the album.

Providing one last short sharp assault is ‘Eyes In The Fire’ before the albums final track the ambitious melodic seven minute ‘The Damage Is Done’ which has some great backing vocals from Bassist Sean Xavier, the tempo changes that weave throughout this provide a real snapshot of how well constructed this album is, the acoustic parts midway through add a great dynamic and help build up the heavier parts and it’s certainly one track that would get the approval of one Mr Matt Heafy.

Overall, the album this album has a lot of great focus points but my only gripe is I would’ve liked Xavier’s basslines to be a bit more prominent but with that being said, for a band that released their debut album whilst most of the members were still at school it’s impossible to deny 'Rise of the Lifeless' manages to show a level of maturity that will only increase over the festival season and beyond.

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