EP Review: Imperium – When Kings Meet

EP Review: Imperium - When Kings Meet
Reviewed by Carl Black

The British thrash scene is a lot like a new town at the moment, sprouting up amongst the high rises and lowlands that is the British music industry. It is a great place nestled between Coldplay town and Dua Lipashire.

When you drive through the city limits and venture into the city centre of British thrash you'll find your tour guides, Thrasherwolf, who will show you the sights and introduce you to all the major (and minor) players as they know everyone.

You will see where Acid Reign resides, as they own the manor house on top of the hill, overseeing everything and surveying the lie of the land. The pub in the centre of town, The Halberd Arms, is a cross between the Cantina in Mos Eisley, and the Ruskin Arms circa 1980. It's a fabulous community and very welcoming.

Undoubtedly, the keys of the city belong to Imperium. They have been strolling around town, drinking ale in the park and making a name for themselves for a few years. They have graced big, small and medium stages, stole the show from under bigger acts noses and have produced a landmark EP that has afforded them the freedom of Thrash Ville UK.

To keep momentum going Imperium are releasing a new EP on the 23rd of September called ‘When Kings Meet’. It has 4 new songs which are chock full of chunky mid paced thrash with hook choruses, clean, aggressive singing and thundering drumming.

EP Review: Imperium – When Kings Meet

The title track smashes in with a straight up thrash intro with tight guitars that set the tone for the next twenty minutes of your life. The driving riff of ‘Desperate Screams’ keeps the thrash coming. The bridge and chorus are less intense than the verse but both parts are fused together perfectly and to great effect, topped off by a galloping section.  Who doesn’t like gang vocals? Get down the front and sing along during ‘Capable of Murder’. ‘Iron Thunder’ is a six-minute song that feels like a three and a half minute radio edit. The call and answer verses and massively accessible choruses will grace a live environment soon. It shows the band entering a "conquer all” mind-setthat will delight the early adopters and continue to swell their fan base.

As Ben Porter has stated in interviews, the two live tracks that are available on the physical version are recorded at their triumphant Bloodstock set. However, they are lifted from a video that gives them an illegal bootleg feel. Remember smuggling a small tape recorder in your leather jacket?? The ultimate taboo.

The key to the city is safely jangling away in Imperium's pocket as they thrash to ‘When Kings Meet’. Park up and stay a while in Thrash Ville, there is plenty to see and hear.

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