Release Round Up – November 17th 2023

Release Round Up

Release Round Up - November 17th, 2023

Every Friday there is a tidal wave of new music released unto the world. Whilst we try to cover as much as possible here at The Razor's Edge, it's not always possible to review everything. So each week on a Friday we'll round up some of the best new music available, some we've reviewed, some we haven't, but all worth checking out!

Theres a lot of new heavy music hitting the airwaves this week, everything from black metal, death metal, gothic metal, Stoner rock, doom, thrash metal and even some of your traditional heavy metal!

Here's what we think you should check out today!

One of thrash metal’s most underrated exemplars, Sadus release 'The Shadow Inside' via Nuclear Blast.

"Sadus’ first full length album since their 2006 is a legitimate triumph."

Read our full review here.

Foetal Juice return with a slab of new material on 'Grotesque', released via Gore House Productions.

"Grotesque is an absolute monster record"

Read our full review here.

Aussie death/doom outfit Carcinoid release 'Encomium to Extinction' via Me Saco Un Ojo.

"a quick yet brutal half hour ride"

Read our full review here.

And thats just the tip of the iceberg! Other releases today we think you should check out include...

Rock / Hard Rock / Classic Rock

Async Await - Irretrospective: Part 2 [EP] (Chameleons Risen)
Care of Night - Reconnected (Frontiers Music)
Dogma - Dogma (MNRK Heavy)
DownShift - One In The Chamber (Self-released)
Plain White T's - Plain White T's (tbc)
Soledriver - Return Me To Light (Frontiers Music)
The Nearlies - Fresh memories (Concorde Music Company)
The Ohio City Singers - Snow Days (Hoboville)
The Rattlebacks - Kink [EP] (Self-released)
The Refreshments - A Stiff One (Wild Kingdom)
The Sonic Redemption - The Sonic Redemption [EP] (Catfight Entertainment)

Heavy Metal

Black 7 - The 2nd Chapter (Self-released)
Death's Head And The Space Allusion - Luc-II-Farul (Inverse Records)
Palehørse - Hunting Grounds (Indie Recordings)
Solothurn - Servitude [EP] (Self-released)
Sortilege - Hero's Tears [REISSUE] (High Roller Records)
Sortilege - Larmes de Heors [REISSUE] (High Roller Records)
Sortilege - Metamorphosis [REISSUE] (High Roller Records)
Sortilege - Sortilege [REISSUE] (High Roller Records)
The Crown Remnant - Rise of the Wicked King (Sliptrick Records)
The Dialectic - Crawl To The Throne [EP] (Seek and Strike Records)
Thorium - Extraordinary Journeys, pt.I (Freya Records)

Black Metal

Aeon Winds - Night Sky illuminations (Avantgarde Music)
Angrenost - Magna Lua Ordem Mistica (EAL Productions)
Litha - Litha (Tartarus Records)
Messier 16 - Death poems (Self-released)
Obsidyen - Litany of Iah (Drowning In Chaos Records)
Ritual Clearing - Penitence (Eternal Death)
The Last Eon - Infernal Fractality (Soulseller Records)

Death Metal / Death-Doom / Grindcore

Aglo - Build fear (Brilliant Emperor Records)
Bloodphemy - Dawn of Malevolence (Non Serviam Records)
Bull Elephant - The Long War (Eat Lead and Die Music)
Buried Souls - Zone 63 [EP] (Self-released)
Cabrakaän - Aztlán (Self-released)
Ceremonial Bloodbath - Genesis of Malignant Entropy (Sentient Ruin)
Cruel Fate - Destin Cruel (Personal Records)
Dyssebeia - Garden of Stillborn Idols (Transcending Obscurity Records)
Elitist - A Mirage of Grandeur (Indisciplinarian)
Furnace Floor - Furance Floor [EP] (Dawnbreed Records)
Gut Ripper - Necrowork (CDN Records)
Infection Code - Sulphur (Time To Kill Records)
King - Fury and Death (Soulseller Records)
Maul - Desecration and Enchantment (20 Buck Spin)
Miara - Hungering Inside (Inverse Records)
Nail Within - Sound of Demise (Massacre Records)
Neurectomy - Overwrought (Self-released)
Plaguemace - Reptilian Warlords (Napalm Records)
Rank and Vile - Worship (Modern Grievance Records)
Terromania - Nyctophobic (Ripple Music)

Doom / Stoner Rock / Sludge / Psych

Altars of the Moon - The Colossus And The Widow (Disorder Recordings)
Celeste - Epilogue(s) [EP] (Nuclear Blast)
Ritual King - The Infinite Mirror (Ripple Music)
Robots Of The Ancient World - 3737 (Small Stone Recordings)
Sadhus The Smoking Community - Illegal Sludge (Ouga Booga and the Mighty Oug Records)
The Holy Nothing - Vol 1: A Profound and Nameless Fear (Self-released)

Hardcore / Post-Hardcore

Akersborg - Feelantropicoco (Vinter Records)
Asbestos Worker / Naw - F@ck You [SPLIT EP] (Learning Curve Records)
Gridfailure - Shards In The Wire (Self-released)
Icantdie - Errors (Self-released)

Post-Rock / Post-Metal

Kilter (feat. Andromeda Anarchia) - The Suspended Woman (Alter-Nativ)
MMTH - Infinite Heights (Pelagic Records)
Planetariet - Saknas (Self-released)

Power Metal

Draconicon - Pestilence (Inner Wound Recordings)
Savage Blood - Wheel Of Time (MDD Records)
Signum Regis - Undivided (Ulterium Records)

Prog Rock / Metal

Bassoon - Succembent (Nefarious Industries)
DGM - Life (Frontiers Music)
Earthside - Let The Truth Speak (Music Theories Recordings)
Eldritch - Innervoid (Scarlet Records)
Jason Blake - Slightly Different Paths (Self-released)
Raised by Haze - Touch The Sky (Rockshots Records)
Temic - Terror Management Theory (Season of Mist)

Thrash Metal

Hyperia - The Serpent's Cycle (Self-released)
Sadus - The Shadow Inside (Nuclear Blast)
Venus - Obscured Until Observed (Xtreem Music)

And the rest...

Call Me Amour - Revolution (Circular Wave Records) [Dark Electronica]
The Manikins - Swedish Woods (Lövely Records) [Punk]
Thy Art Is Murder - Decade of Hate (Nuclear Blast) [Deathcore]
Vansind - Mørket (Mighty Music) [Folk Metal]

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