Album Review: Dool – The Shape of Fluidity

Album Review: Dool - The Shape of Fluidity
Reviewed by Liam True

Combining goth-rock with doom & post-hardcore elements sounds like a mess and not worth anyone's time. Dool however have taken those concerns and not only crushed them but blended them so they’re not an issue. The Shape Of Fluidity takes the concept of changes. Personal, physical, psychological etc. But it isn’t a concept album per se. More like acceptance and understanding of one’s-self.

Venus In Flames starts the proceedings as vocalist/guitarist Raven Van Dorsts’ haunting voice echos through your eardrums before the band join in, in almost a prog-rock/psychedelic note repeating vibration as the seven-minute introductory epic takes a place. Emotional in both lyrical content and instrumentals in a sound not heard since Ghosts’ 2010 debut album. As the rest of the album takes shape, it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly The Shape Of Fludity is. It’s a mash of genres, taking inspiration from many bands before them, but constructing them in a way that it feels new and fresh.

Album Review: Dool - The Shape of Fluidity

The album's title track is a sludgy riff-based song that takes softer sides as Van Dorsts’ vocals soar high and hit baritone lows at points, showing their vocal abilities. Drummer Vincent Kreyder is a powerhouse, while not being technical, his newly established role in the band gives an injection that pushes the album to higher levels.

House Of A Thousand Dreams is a slow burner, but by the end you have the rhythmic guitars from Nick Polak & Omar Iskandr echoing across the song backed by Dorsts’ vocals it’s a beautiful song. Hell, the entire album is gorgeously written, and the production is crisp. You can’t pick one song off the album that is great, throw a dart and you’ve struck gold. The Shape Of Fluidity is a near perfect album that creates a doom & gloom atmosphere but with lyrics and content about accepting yourself, it’s truly wonderful.

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