Interview: Hero In Error

Interview: Hero In Error

With a new EP out last Friday, we caught up with Hero In Error to talk about the new release, returing from hiatus, future plans and more. 

What can you tell us about the bands decision to come back after the hiatus and what led to that decision back in 2019?

Our last show was in November 2019, and shortly after, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Like many, the band took a back seat as the world went into lockdown. The lockdown played a significant role in reigniting our passion for music and writing. The saying 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder' rings true; being told we couldn't play shows or even meet up left a lasting impression. So, when restrictions lifted, we were eager to get back to playing, not just for the music, It gave us an excuse to hang out and reconnect.

The new single ‘Enemy Within’ was definitely a statement, as the track is an absolute pit-starter. This is one of the three tracks on the forthcoming self-titled EP. Did the new material come from all of you writing together, or was there one member that had the main structure/riffs?

Each song contains a piece of everyone in the band. While they typically start with a riff from myself or Rob, each member adds their own unique touch to the tunes. In terms of the writing process, we usually have the basic structure of a song in place. I often collaborate with Rob at his place to work on the structure and begin demoing parts. Then, we bring the ideas to a jam space where we flesh them out as a group. Unlike our last two EPs, which were primarily written either fully in the jam room or in Rob's bedroom, it was refreshing to utilise both spaces for this record.

With regards to the new songs, was there any main source of inspiration seeing as so much has happened in the world since the band was active before?

It’s hard to narrow down the main inspirations for this record. Each tune is completely different from each other. When I listen back to all 3 songs, I can hear influences from Mastodon, Slipknot, Ghost Inside and Spiritbox to name a few.

The news of Takedown Festival being postponed has obviously effected Hero In Error’s plans. Besides that being the only UK date listed, can we expect some live shows to be announced in the coming weeks/months in the UK?

It's really disappointing that Takedown fest got cancelled. We were really excited about playing it. However, we're staying busy behind the scenes, planning for some shows in the summer and later in the year. While nothing is set in stone just yet, we're eagerly anticipating playing in the UK again.

The new EP has a total of three tracks on it, was this just to get a feel for coming back again and can we expect to see another release in the coming months?

Definitely, we didn't feel the need to return with a full-length album right away. Our goal was to release some new tunes for people to enjoy and see where it takes us. We had about 8 songs in the works for this record. Recently, we've been revisiting them and can identify some potential contenders for the next EP. Who knows, we might have something ready to go by Christmas.

DEVIL’S ISLAND featuring The Abstraction

As a follow on from the previous question, would you consider doing a full-blown album or do you think that continuous busts of short releases is the better decision in the current climate of the music industry?

We've had discussions about this, and I believe we're content with releasing short bursts of songs. I think we'll stick to being a 3 or 4 song EP band from now on. However, you never know what the future holds, so I won't rule anything out completely.

Kaan Tasan of Heart of a Coward is now fronting the band, can you tell us how that came about and would there ever be a possibility of Kaan pulling double duty with Hero In Error doing live shows with Heart of a Coward?

We've been friends with Kaan for years, dating back to his time in No consequence. When we were searching for a new vocalist in 2016, Kaan was our top choice. We sent him some demos, had a chat, and he liked what he heard, so he joined the band. I'd love to play some shows with HOAC, but whether that happens or not, you'd have to ask Kaan. He's not getting any younger, so he might need to be stretchered off-stage!

Of the three tracks on the EP which was the most difficult to nail down?

We encountered some challenges with tracking and getting 'Moths to a Flame' just right, but overall, the songs flowed out of us smoothly, and we didn't face too many difficulties with them.

Will there be another single released before the EP on April 5th, and if so, what track will it be?

We are releasing Moths to a Flame in early April.

What are your plans for the remainder of the year?

The plan is to have as much craic as possible with the band. We have some more shows to announce for the summer. Then record a new EP to release before the year is out.

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