Live Review: Sylosis – Norwich

Live Review: Sylosis - Waterfront, Norwich
5th March 2024
Support: Harbinger and Burner
Words & Photos: Tom Atkin

Reading made, British metal band Sylosis, graced the stage at Norwich's Waterfront studio as part of their sold out UK & Ireland tour- the bands first headline tour in over eight years. After a break period whilst frontman and guitarist, Josh Middleton, went to play for Architects, the band returned with the impressive album 'Cycle of Suffering' and followed it up last year with the release of their new album 'A Sign of Things To Come'. Sylosis were formed over 20 years ago and have released six albums and have toured with the likes of DevilDriver, Trivium, Lamb of God and most recently, Malevolence. They have returned this April to Norwich with support from London based metal bands Harbinger and Burner.

The most noticeable thing about these bands was their energy. Harbinger kicked off the evening with solid thrash riffs and impressive growling vocals. Despite the slow burn of the early doors crowd, Harbinger brought everything and managed to get things warmed up. They were having their own enthusiastic party and dragged the crowd into it bit by bit.

Two things I instantly loved about this performance were the bands palpable joy and sense of fun at doing what they clearly love, and Dylan Alves voice. His raw deep growls were full of power and despite his energetic movements, remained consistent and blended with the music beautifully. Musically the band holds a lot of skill and talent, but seemed to pour this all into one spot at times and it felt like every piece was fighting for its own attention. Their drops were subtle but effective and the sounds from their many influences have been smashed into something I quite like and I really enjoyed watching them.

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

Burner followed up and continued to build up the crowd with more fiery energy. This band were fascinating to watch, Harry Nott's performance was like watching a cloth being wrung out of every last drop as he went into his own space to deliver some intense vocals. The musical talent of this band was 100% my cup of tea, fast, meaty and powerful. This band are well on their way to blending complex sounds into something beautiful and with good flow, but I found the, although very impressive vocals, sat on top of this and took over as its own thing instead of being part of the music. Overall it was a great set and left the crowd hot and ready for Sylosis.

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

Sylosis are one of those bands who fill the stage with musical talent, no ego, just music and the show at the Waterfront was no different. With a friendly yet professional air they delivered a clean set to a crowd made up of old and new fans and a range of ages, proving how their progressive thrash sound has appealed throughout the years.

They opened with 'Poison for the Lost' off of the new album 'A Sign of Things to Come'. This is a strong and aggressive opener that heightened the mood of the crowd. Other songs played from the new album were – 'Pariahs', 'Descent', 'A Sign of Things to Come' and 'Deadwood', which was the climatic end of the set.

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

'Blackest Skyline', 'Stained Humanity' and 'Withered'– all songs from the bands first album 'Conclusion of An Age' also featured in the set, creating a blend of early songs to most recent. This was beautiful and really highlighted the bands consistency and commitment to their sound whilst also showing their progression in cleaning up the combination of dirty thrash and melodic deathcore that we love them for.

Middleton's gritty vocals, despite recovering from a chest infection, were consistent and packed a punch. Marshall's hair was mesmerising as he was back playing some meaty bass, with the fantastic return of Alex Bailey on guitar and Richardson smashed out some solid thrashy drumming that kept the pit going.

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

Things that stood out were that the timings and transitions were at a good technical standard you'd expect from a long going band, and the bands connection with the music they delivered. I'd have liked a little more audience interaction, the band had an energy that could have been passed into the crowd with a bit of connection.

I would like to have seen these bands in a larger venue, credit to the bands, they really brought it and I don't think audience size would have made a difference to the delivery of the sets, but a bigger crowd with a feistier pit would have been enjoyable. 

Overall, loved it, would recommend.

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

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