Live Review: Cavalera – Newcastle

Cavalera - newcastle

Live Review: Cavalera - Riverside, Newcastle
17th June 2024
Support: Kilonova
Words: Drew McCarthy
Photos: Martin Hingley

I have been to many gigs all around the UK over many years and whilst I have obviously enjoyed every one of them, there are some that I have been more stoked about than others. Tonight is definitely one of them, as Max & Igor Cavalera founded a band that were instrumental in my formative years of discovering metal.

Having only just recently supported Crypta at Trillians the night before, Kilonova are once again on opening band duties. I am ashamed to say that even though the members have been together as a band for many years now, I have only just discovered them in the past month, after watching a video of them on YouTube covering the song The Kids Aren't Alright by The Offspring.

Taking to the stage just after 8 o'clock clock the winners of M2TM Newcastle 2018 enthralled me from the very first opening riff to the very last. My eyes did not leave the stage, their alt-thrash metal certainly packs a massive punch and even though they had limited time, Kilonova are a band that I would definitely make a point of going to see live again.

Photo Credit: Martin Hingley Photography

As the imminent arrival of Cavalera drew near, the venue was suddenly plunged into darkness before quickly being bathed in red light giving the impression that we have just entered the Seventh Circle of Hell. Carmina Burana is played through the PA, the members of Cavalera walk on eliciting a tremendous roar of approval from the crowd and what follows over the next hour and a half is a celebration of the back catalogue of Sepultura. Bestial Devastation got the ball rolling and was the perfect catalyst to transform the crowd into a swirling mass of humanity that did not abate for the duration of the performance.

Photo Credit: Martin Hingley Photography

Talking is kept to a minimum as the Cavalera lads plow through songs like Antichrist and Necromancer alongside classics like Territory. All played with aplomb with an almost demonic ferocity, including the second to last song and my own personal favourite, Troops Of Doom. One thing that must be said about this gig is that Igor Cavalera is an absolute beast on a kit and honestly may be one of the best drummers that I have ever seen.

Kilonova have quickly become firm favourites of many crowds at gigs in Newcastle and Cavalera are without a doubt bona fide legends. During the gig when Max Cavalera proclaims this is the true fucking Sepultura, I very much doubt that many would disagree with him. Everyone who saw what happened at Riverside tonight will be talking about this for years to come, this did not feel like just another gig, but a life changing experience.

Photo Credit: Martin Hingley Photography
Photo Credit: Martin Hingley Photography
Photo Credit: Martin Hingley Photography
Photo Credit: Martin Hingley Photography

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