Interview: Unburier


Interview: Unburier
Interviewer: Tim Finch

Unburier are rapidly rising stars on the southern UK metal scene, the young thrashers are causing quite a stir. So we took the opportunity to sit down with the lads and find about more about them.


The Razor's Edge: First off, Welcome to The Razor's Edge! For our readers out there who need to get up to speed; who/what are Unburier?

Rob: We are a 3 piece thrash band from Yeovil, England. We currently have a demo out on all streaming services called 'Thrashers Gold'.

The Razor's Edge: Your all still young, how did you first get into metal?

Rob: I first got in to metal by playing Guitar Hero Metallica, but when I met Ben 6 years ago, he properly showed me bands like Slayer and Sepultura and I’ve been hooked ever since.
Ben: My dad has always been a metal-head so I was into Metallica from a very young age. But when I was around 11, he gave me his iPod which had bands like Pantera, Slayer and Megadeth on and I haven’t stopped listening since.
Jamie: I ultimately got into metal because of Ben, who showed me Metallica and Slayer. I then got fully into thrash and black metal.

The Razor's Edge: Did anything in particular draw you towards thrash over any other genres?

Rob: We all really like the aggression and speed of thrash metal and it tends to have the best musicianship in terms of bands like Exodus and Havok. We also really like the diversity of the genre and the fact that you can a 7 minute song that is packed with riffs and tempo changes that always keep it exciting.

The Razor's Edge: Who or what was the inspiration that made you pick up your instruments?

Rob: I used to watch School of Rock all the time when I was younger and I thought I looked like the drummer, so I asked for a drum kit for Christmas. In terms of inspiration when I started taking drums seriously, it was drummers like Dave Lombardo and Igor Cavalera that really made me want to progress.
Ben: My dad always wanted me to play guitar, he tried to teach me a few things but in secondary school I started taking guitar lessons. By then I was heavily into Metallica so James Hetfield was a huge inspiration.
Jamie: I started learning bass about a year ago just to join the band really. Jack Gibson of Exodus was and still is a huge inspiration though.

The Razor's Edge: So how long have you been together as a band?

Rob: The band started in January but me and Ben had been jamming for around 5 years and had some ideas floating around. We didn’t release anything until April though, and our first gig was 15 days later.

The Razor's Edge: And how did you come together as a group?

Rob: Me and Ben started jamming when we were around 11/12, just covering our favourite songs, but Jamie starting learning bass in October 2018 and started jamming covers with us. In January 2019 we met a second guitarist and Ben decided to do vocals so we could complete the lineup.

The Razor's Edge: Your from the South West of England. What’s the thrash scene, and metal scene in general, like down their?

Rob: The thrash scene down here isn’t big at all, but there are great bands like Death by Ki and Napier that have their roots in thrash metal.

The Razor's Edge: Have you found any resistance breaking through? You’re still very young, that I imagine can count against you in some people’s eyes, promoters and fans alike?

Rob: We definitely are aware that some people aren’t going to take us as serious because we are young, but we haven’t had any trouble getting gigs as of yet. In terms of fans though it’s the complete opposite, people tend to be pretty happy that a young band is playing metal.

The Razor's Edge: Having recently parted ways with your guitarist. How has the effected the dynamic of the band?

Rob: This hasn’t affected us that much, we are a lot tighter now and keen to show people that this won’t affect us. All our music was written for two guitars, so some harmonies will have to be left out but we don’t see this as a big problem.

The Razor's Edge: Will you replace him or continue as a three piece?

Rob: We will replace him as soon as the right person comes along, but for now we are rolling as a 3 piece.

The Razor's Edge: Your live shows include some top thrash covers. You obviously have a great knowledge of the genre. How did you go about discovering the classics?

Rob: Well, we listen to loads of thrash so it wasn’t too hard to pick out a couple classics that most people know. Mandatory Suicide seems to get the best reaction when we play it.

The Razor's Edge: When you hit the road, who would your ideal touring partners be?

Rob: We would love to tour with Riptide, Elyrean, Helfekted or any other young bands bringing something new to the scene.

The Razor's Edge: Do you have a bucket list of bands you’d like to share the stage with?

Rob: We would give anything to play with Bull Riff Stampede, Xentrix, Acid Reign, Havok or Exodus. Those guys are all huge inspirations to us.

The Razor's Edge: Where would you like to be as a group in ten years time?

Rob: Within 10 years hopefully we will have at least 2 albums and be gigging up and down the country and maybe even overseas.

The Razor's Edge: Thanks for your time!

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