National Treasury Thieves The Fangs Of The Dodo Commit The ‘Crime Of The Century’ With New Single!

National Treasury Thieves The Fangs Of The Dodo Commit The 'Crime Of The Century' With New Single!

*The following article is a fictional news story regarding the UK-based rock band The Fangs Of The Dodo*

Wanted criminal outfit THE FANGS OF THE DODO have released exclusive footage of them committing the ‘Crime Of The Century’!

Using funds stolen from the National Treasury to commission their latest single release, 'Crime Of The Century' has now been confirmed as the first in a collection of five songs that will be unleashed upon the general public on April 3rd, 2020.

Watch 'Crime Of The Century' here:

While the extent of The Fangs of the Dodo’s plan is yet to be uncovered, the group's latest music video shows Count Dodo, Cinder, HAZARD, The Prisoner and The Guardsman mocking police and government officials - who have yet to ascertain the outfit’s location - by throwing a debauched party and gathering supplies for their next attack. The single's title appears to be a boastful jab at the term originally coined by an on-the-scene reporter of their National Treasury heist last week.

In a statement made by group leader Count Dodo, speculations were confirmed that the gang of criminal masterminds plan to release ‘The Curtained Sleep’ - a short collection of songs designed to “brainwash” listeners with subliminal messaging - on 3rd April 2020. Speaking only to police officials via an untraceable phone line, Count Dodo advised of plans to “recruit” listeners into joining what he referred to only as “The Cause”.

During the call, Count Dodo made the following statement:

“We would like to welcome you all our family. Your first treat is truly the perfect crime, which I believe should serve to draw the unsuspecting masses to follow The Cause”

Count Dodo’s accomplice Cinder also left a note with the video tape, which read

“A marching anthem, complete with a strong groove to lead you into our world. You'll be joining us before you know it!”.

The Prime Minister has doubled down on efforts and resources to search for the Bath-based criminal collective. Anyone seeking further information on the criminal organisation to visit this website, plus you can listen to 'Crime Of The Century' via Spotify.

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