Album Review: Astralborne – Eternity’s End

Album Review: Astralborne - Eternity's End

Album Review: Astralborne - Eternity's End
Reviewed by Neil Bolton

When Jayson Cessna (drums) and Derik Smith (guitars) completed work on the third Hammer Horde album they found themselves wanting a new project, and they were looking for something different from the Viking based material of their other project. They were joined by Paul Fuzinski on vocals and bass, and Astralborne was created. The direction now was a reimagining of previous material and new ideas. The resulting body of work was recorded in April of 2017 and then self released in 2019. The guys at Prosthetic Records liked what they heard and signed them immediately.

Album Review: Astralborne - Eternity's End

Astralborne are still very proud of their D.I.Y. roots, but this paring can now bring this release to the masses. This eleven track album (song eleven is a bonus track) begins with a religious chant, a chant that makes you sit on the edge of your seat awaiting the blast beats to knock you into submission. Instead, a beautiful folk acoustic guitar track warms you and relaxes the listener.
The short track then finishes and track two begins, still with no blast beats, rather a traditional anthemic beginning shortly followed by well administered death metal vocals. Brutal beats and interesting guitar licks announce this bands melodic death credentials. 'Attending The Funeral' has various textures and speeds. The melodic aspect is always apparent; sitting well with the death growl.

The third number carries on the tone now created by the first two, we have a chorus that will have fans chanting and raising horns while resting from a manic circle pit. Once again Derik’s acoustic guitar skills are used at the end to close out this song. Tracks like 'Centuries (In Agony)' has its roots in European power metal, whilst not being a powe rmetal track. 'Inglorious 20XX' has an interesting traditional metal vibe invoking classic instrumentals of old. And songs like 'Eternity’s End' show that Astralborne can conjure brutality into the mix along with blast beats.

Most songs are like a microcosm of the whole album, a very well thought out mix of brutality and melodic song writing. There is obviously a direct attempt to be multi faceted. An attempt that seems to have payed off.

'Eternity's End' is released via Prosthetic Records on May 29th.

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