Album Review: Conan / Deadsmoke – Doom Sessions Vol. 1

Album Review: Conan / Deadsmoke – Doom Sessions Vol. 1
Reviewed by The Papist

I like doom, I like heavy doom, did I mention I like doom?

I took a few plays to enjoy the long sustained heavy riffs of Conan and listen to Deadsmoke for the first time. Two similar but different bands on this split E.P. and it doesn't disappoint one iota. Conan formed in 2006 and are about the heaviest UK band around at the moment and they do an epic riff or two! Deadsmoke are from Italy and formed in 2015, the are the split on this E.P. and they add touch of psychedelic and prog to heavy doom.

Album Review: Conan / Deadsmoke - Doom Sessions Vol. 1

So the opening track 'Beheaded', at a glorious 17 minutes and 5 seconds and all is quiet at the start! Then you hear it, a rhythm quietly building in volume. Building up the want for that heavy riff you know Conan will deliver, and then it hits. A glorious track of sustained feedback and Conan majesty. The song rolls you along and time loses its hold until it finishes. Then you realise you were lost in the world of riff. A great track and just about the right length too.

Next we have Deadsmoke's first song 'Dethroned Concrete', which starts off with some rain and a dirty bass with some added atmospheric guitar. The riffing then starts, not as heavy as Conan but is a lot more sinister. Vocals sit back in the mix adding some real feel and add to the sinister vibe. It's a song that has distinct parts and feel that is to be enjoyed. At ten minutes it is not a short track but takes you on a journey as it goes from doom to psychedelic, which for me works a treat.

The final track is 'Dead Minds Army', it starts off straight into a rolling riff with the psychedelic background noise adding to it. A bit faster, with tempo changes and that bass sound! At around five minutes this track is another stormer.

Overall a really good split EP if you are a slow heavy doom head, no sabbath-esque sounds here. Give it a listen and you will not be disappointed.

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