Album Review: Ingested – Where Only Gods May Tread

Album Review: Ingested - Where Only Gods May Tread

Album Review: Ingested - Where Only Gods May Tread
Reviewed by Neil Bolton

Manchesters Deathcore leaders Ingested are on the brink of album number five. With an impressive collection of music in their wake 'Where Gods May Tread' has some serious brutality to live up to.

Since their birth in 2006 in the North of England Ingested have forged a sound that fans have enjoyed from their first offering 'Surpassing The Boundaries of Human Suffering' to the last album 'The Level Above Human' and including last year’s 'Call of the Void' E.P. Ingested have a savage well-produced style both bloodthirsty and exact; the addition of fantastic artwork to their portfolio only does them further good. This album is the third release on Unique Leader Records who must feel they have a good thing on their books.

Album Review: Ingested - Where The Gods May Tread The brutal sound you may be familiar with from the last album continues into this, and 'Follow The Deceiver' makes its appearance. It’s a fearless example of deathcore that bleeds into the air from whatever you are listening to it on. Blast beats, savage buzz saw guitars and well performed vocals carry this tune trough to a break down finish before 'No Half Measures' rips some more flesh from your bones; this is even faster. Technicality is not a worry for these Mancs.

Further in 'The Burden of our Failures' bounces its way into your life. The is a slightly slower track; but this is not the albums ballad, don’t worry. This track features an appearance from Vincent Bennet (The Acacia Strain), and this is not the only guest in here, Mr Kirk Windstein (Crowbar) assists in another slower doomier number, its an impressive addition that works well. We also have Matt Honeycutt (Kublai Khan) joining the boys on 'Blackpill'.

This was produced by long term Ingested producer and Crytopsy guitarist Christian Donaldson with the mixing duties being carried by both Nico Beninato and Sam Yates from Foel Studios in Wales. This combination, with the band themselves has helped display an album with bruising precision and talent. The violence is not hidden or subtle; it is in your face. Exactly, I am sure, the place where all parties wished it to be.

'Where Only Gods May Tread' is released via Unique Leader on August 14th.

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