Album Review: Dead Sheeran – Dead Sheeran

Album Review: Dead Sheeran - Dead Sheeran

Album Review: Dead Sheeran - Dead Sheeran
Reviewed by Tim Finch

For some lockdown has been a confining, restrictive period full of angst and raised anxiety, people chomping at the bit to be let off their leash and back into society. For others it has been a period of relaxation, maybe even reflection. But for some it has been a chance to get their creative juices flowing. Throughout the confinement we have seen a number of creative individuals gain the chance to spend time creating, often producing material outside of their usual boundaries and comfort zones. Much of what has been produced is something different from the norm, and that is no bad thing!

One such individual is Paul Catten, many of you will know him for his time in leading underground heavy metal outfits like Medulla Nocte and Murder One, and more recently in Barrabus and a collaboration with Mistress/Fukpig mastermind Paul Kenny with the project 'Thicko'. During lockdown Catten has written, recorded and now released music for a new project, Dead Sheeran.

Album Review: Dead Sheeran - Dead Sheeran

Now if you are expecting, or wanting to hear, music similar to that of classic Medulla Nocte and Murder One, it's probably best you walk away now. Similarly, if you think the sun shines out of Boris Johnsons arse, and he's "the best prime minister since Winston Churchill" this record really isn't for you.

Heavy metal this is not, but what it is, is the perfect social commentary for our time. Throughout the six tracks Catten walks us through the burning social issues in the UK today; it's more spoken word, or even modernist poetry, set to a background beat and bass line. The music is not the focus here, although it keeps the pace high and listener drawn in, what matters is the lyrical content.

Dead Sheeren's self titled debut is the perfect social commentary for the world in 2020, with a more liberal use of the word 'cunt' than any other record before it. Paul says it best on final track 'Wanking With Tears In My Eyes'... "There's nothing to see here mate, the country's in fucking tatters".

Get 'Dead Sheeran' now via the projects Bandcamp page.

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