Album Review: Nuclear Power Trio – A Clear and Present Rager

Album Review: Nuclear Power Trio - A Clear and Present Rager

Album Review: Nuclear Power Trio - A Clear and Present Rager
Reviewed by Jon Wigg

What a band!

Donald Trump - Guitar
Vladimir Putin - Bass
Kim Jong Un - Drums

The world might tremble in fear if this trio of power hungry despots ever did actually get together but according to Nuclear Power Trio, they would release on the world some most excellent melodies. And here they are within the 5 track E.P., 'A Clear and Present Rager'.

Presumed to actually be the last known Nuclear Power Trio lineup of guitarist Greg Burgess (Allegaeon), bassist Nick Schendzielos (ex-Havok, Cephalic Carnage) and drummer Peter Webber (Havok), the first thing to say about this E.P., is that it sounds fantastic. The mixture of instrumental metal, jazz, funk and prog works really well with each track having its own feel and vibe. The musicianship is excellent and none of the tracks are too long, which can be a problem where no vocals exist. It really sounds like the members had fun making this music, a much needed distraction in 2020.

Album Review: Nuclear Power Trip - Clear And present Rager

The album starts with the title track and it's a rager indeed. The slap bass drives the track forward and the excellent guitar and drum work really get the head nodding and feet tapping. Check out the video to see how much fun these world leaders had with this one. ‘Grab ‘Em by the Pyongyang’ starts with a proggy, avant-garde feel that reminded me a bit of Diablo Swing Orchestra in parts, especially where the bass is high in the mix. ‘The Fusion Collusion’ has a little xylophone intro and runs up the funk level to maximum. ‘Ukraine in the Membrane’ is the most metal track here, with some metalcore rhythm lines and power metal guitar solos, finishing on a sensitive acoustic part. Closer ‘Mutually Assured Seduction’ has multiple changes in style and some fabulous soloing.

Overall this is a great advert for instrumental metal and any of the tracks would slot perfectly into my daily playlist. Apart from the skill of the musicianship, there is nothing serious here - this is a little beacon of fun and hope, offered by the most unlikely of sources, in a world where so much seems to be going poorly.

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  1. yes, I agree w/ your review. its much needed , and as a musician myself, much appreciated..I love these guys!

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