E.P. Review: Lastelle – Delicate


E.P. Review: Lastelle - Delicate
Reviewed by Robbie Maguire

In these times of the immediate desire and mass consumption of music the stop gap release of an E.P. can prove a welcome gift for fans yearning new material. A shrewd and timely creative move in the absence of an album. So when that smaller collection of songs makes such an impression in their short combined duration as they do here on 'Delicate' the impact is even more profound.

The emotional pull Lastelle are able to deal is immediate as opener ‘Distant Bodies’ unfurls its visceral force. The dominant riffs gives way to quieter more reserved moments allowing for brief periods of introspection. Accessible and vigorous the Oxford five piece get straight to the point in welcoming you into their delightfully dark soaring post hardcore. Impassioned vocals barking out the account of the one you love not loving you back. A joyous communion with cleaner soulful singing adds real depth heightening the emotional heave to this soaring anthemic melancholic tale.

E.P. Review: Lastelle - Delicate

Shimmering shoegaze rears its welcome and ethereal head in ‘Only Apathy’. Although the crunching might of the angular chords ensures the sonic heft of the post hardcore which Lastelle excel in is matched by the grandeur and scale of the sentimental heaviness. Wonderfully subtle leadwork rears its thrilling yet understated head compounding the soulful beauty at its heartbeat.

The sheer impact Lastelle are able to deliver in such devastating fashion over the course of six songs is breathtaking. The beauty of the music will resonate purposefully and the post rock sentiments of instrumental ‘Reverie’ and the intro to ‘A Letter Unread’ will surely test even the most ardent of heavy music fans. There is a real depth aurally yet equally in feel to the songs. The melodic interplay of the vocals is instantly apparent and deeply enriching yet the slow emotional burn is accentuated by subtleties such as deft piano moments. These delicacies revealing themselves on each welcome listen. Despite being an E.P. ‘Delicate’ flows as any album should, totally engaging the listener effortlessly. Cohesive and with character emanating from each song to achieve this over this shorter format is testament to Lastelle’s craft and execution of their vision and concept.

Truly laying their hearts in the open and creating such character is admirable. Rarely is this level of emotion conveyed so sensitively yet with such a vibrant heft. Whilst the notable instant hit is that of the emotional impact, ‘Delicate’ does deliver on a sonically rewarding level. The well crafted and instantly catchy songs will have you thirsting for much more or indeed repeated listens. The hooks are there to lure you in and once in the depth of the subject matter will become clear. Despite the palpable sense of loss and hurt this is a truly enriching E.P. With ‘Delicate’ not only will your need for punchy, driving, instant rock gratification be fulfilled in addition the gift of countless rewarding emotive experiences will be presented to you by Lastelle.

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