E.P. Review: Lost Relics – Now We’re Even

Lost relics

E.P. Review: Lost Relics – Now We’re Even
Reviewed by Paul Hutchings

Formed from the ashes of Low Gravity, The Worth and Smolder and Burn, Marc Brooks, Jess Ellis, Jason James, and Greg Mason brought Lost Relics to life in 2019. This five-track E.P. is rammed full of gritty, monstrous riffs that threaten to wake the dead, such is their ferocity.

Dual vocals, sludgy guitar, and thunderous drumming all feature and its fine stuff. The opening song, ‘Unrealistic Cause’ grabs you by the throat and pins you against the wall. It’s massive in size and feel, with a rage that burns. This is angry and heavy, the music that you’d listen to if you were using huge machinery to move boulders in a quarry.

As the songs develop, there’s a familiarity about them which makes listening to this E.P. enjoyable. Be it the sonic disturbances that threaten intestinal workings, the thick, crushing slab dragging riffing that bears down with a suffocating weight, the savagely raw and grisly vocals, or the sheer velocity of ‘Rope Pusher’, Lost Relics are all about aural abuse and that’s what you get. In spades.

There’s no point listing influences here. You’ll spot them when you listen to this sludge filled monster. Best option is to brace yourself for 25 minutes of piledriving intensity. Seatbelts mandatory always and keep those hands inside the cars. It’s hell of a ride.

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