Album Review: Toxicrose – In For The Kill

Album Review: Toxicrose - In For The Kill
Reviewed by Neil Bolton

If a band contains the word “Toxic” in its name then it’s usually a band with a thrash or death type sound. A band with the word “Rose” in their name is usually involved in the sleazy rock world. So it would seem fitting that a band with both Toxic and Rose in their title call themselves Dark Sleaze Metallers.

'In For The Kill' is their second full length and arrives via Crusader Records. It contains the singles 'Blood on Blood' and 'Remedy'; the former is the first track from this recording and it can be seen as a calling card to their sound and attitude. The drums open up followed by a riff that could be described as sleazy, followed by another riff that you call thrashy. The sleazy dark moniker is working well so far. The vocals kick in and the mix of commercial glam and faster metal comes to the front. It is a mix that actually works. We have a sing along chorus that, due to the clean legible vocals, you can join in with from the outset. It’s clear to see why this was chosen as a single.

Album Review: Toxicrose – In For The Kill
'Heroes' jumps along in a similar vein, making good use of new bass player Johannes Sandberg.  The Swedish leather and stud clad quartet play their style of metal well and do pull off the difficult task of being light and dark, and making it possible for for fans of both sides of our world to enjoy this music with either a glass of a cider cocktail, or a slaughtered goats head. Maybe even both.

The longer epic style track 'Angel' gives the band a little more scope and length to show this mix; the lighter tone does shine through more in this track, while in 'Domination' Toxicrose bring the metal back with the bass guitar pounding the ears. A classic metal lead guitar solo flows into riffs and more sing along choruses.

The final track 'The Great Escape' has a crowd participation intro leading onto the lighter sound again; easy sing-along lyrics sit on top of this slower number enticing the the listener to join Toxicrose in their well crafted amalgamation of two well loved genres.

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