Voices Unleash ‘Methods of Madness’ Single

Voices Unleash 'Methods of Madness' Single

Two weeks ahead of their upcoming fourth album Breaking the Trauma Bond, blackened post-punk outfit VOICES release the record's third single 'Methods of Madness'. The most accessible track of the campaign so far, 'Methods of Madness' runs the gamut of alternative music and reflects what makes the band so loved, not just by underground metal fans, but wider lovers of visceral sonic expression.

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Voices Unleash ‘Methods of Madness’ Single

VOICES' first single 'Beckoning Shadows' dug into the band's love of black metal atmospherics, while their second single 'Breaking the Trauma Bond' allowed them to explore haunting dissonances. A testament to their versatility 'Methods of Madness' once again stands out for its poetic nature, embodying the signature VOICES ability to be both accessible and vastly ambitious. Not only does the song feature the hooky chorus line of "There is method, there is method, there is method to my madness" but it uses spoken word to crank up the dark seduction that the five-piece have perfected.

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