Album Review: Space Coke – Lunacy

Album Review: Space Coke - Lunacy
Reviewed by Neil Bolton

Psychedelic Space Coke wish to take the listener on a trip, a good trip, a unique trip. In fact with this third full length, named 'Lunacy', the trip will be otherworldly and space like.

The sound of this band is beautifully rooted in the trippy sound of 60’s and 70’s. This vintage sound is mixed with reverb and fuzzy guitars and the riffs of stoner rock. Clever additions of samples and spoken word add atmosphere to proceedings, but there is never a sense of gimmick. The music and feeling is always the goal and the mission is completed throughout this release.

The music displayed in 'Lunacy' fits very well with a quiet night in, with head phones on slightly too loud. Imagine a live setting where the listener can be fully immersed in the world and journey this band wish to build and take you on.

Album Review: Space Coke - Lunacy

All four members of this band hold their role very well; the vocals are never in your face or take over the room. The drum work is exceptional with the bass and guitar sound riffing and fuzzing perfectly around the well used psychedelic keyboards assisting in the clever mix of old and new.

Your head will bang, your mind will expand, images of the occult will appear in your mind along with the dark, cold realm of space the band wish to take you to. Its a nice place though; a place you will wish to return to again and again. Space Coke see 'Lunacy' out with a delightful fuzzy take on Danzig’s 'Twist of Cain'. Cover versions only work when a band takes the original material and makes it their own, Space Coke manage this task well.

If you feel ready to embark on a journey to the stars, accompanied by fuzzy guitars, dark lyrical themes and floaty keyboards, strap in to 'Lunacy'.

If the amp don’t smoke, it ain’t SPACE COKE!

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