Album Review: Venom Prison – Erebos

Venom Prison Announce New Release And Stream New Video

Album Review: Venom Prison - Erebos
Reviewed by Tim Finch

It seems only yesterday that Venom Prison were breaking into the extreme metal scene, playing killer sweaty little venues and growing a fan base gig by gig, week by week. Over the last few years their stock has grown, their reputation is on a skyward trajectory and tours have followed with the likes of Trivium and Fit For An Autopsy. Of course that was all topped off last summer with a pyro laden set at Bloodstock Festival, which went a long way to whet the appetite for ‘Erebos’, the bands third album, released this week via Century Media.

A haunting, industrial, atmosphere rises from the opening number ‘Born From Choas’. It’s enough to make the hairs stand on your neck; a drum beat then kicks in and Larissa’s screams “Born from Chaos/Erebos” over and again, echoing in your ears. It's only one minute and forty one seconds, but the track sets the scene for what is to come. The band have spent a lot of time working on this album and its introduction feels almost cinematic.

A bands third studio album is always a good benchmark for how far they have come, but also tells the tale of where they go next. Think Slayer’s ‘Reign in Blood’ or Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ as fine examples of this. With ‘Erebos’ Venom Prison have set their stall out, they are going places, and this is just the start of it.

Album Review: Venom Prison – Erebos

The double barrelled riffing assault from Ben and Ash pummel you throughout this work. Larissa’s vocals have developed and grown, their forceful nature retained, but also refined and for hours after listening you will hear her voice echoing through your head, dragging your thoughts back to this all-consuming album.

With the aid of a global pandemic and the backing of Century Media for the first time, the band have spent more time than ever before honing, tweaking and enhancing their music to bring their ever-growing fanbase this polished beast. From the battering rams of ‘Judges of the Underworld’ and ‘Nemesis’ the listener feels the full onslaught of Venom Prisons wrath. Juxtaposed against the likes of ‘Comfort of Complicity’ with its refined guitar work, blast beat fury, and hook laden segments that will draw you in before spitting you out.

For the avid Venom Prison fan, ‘Erebos’ is sheer perfection. For the new comers to the band ‘Erebos’ is the perfect starting place. Pure, refined brutality from the future of extreme metal.

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