Thrash trio Misfire Release Third Single ‘War Of Mine’

Thrash trio Misfire Release Third Single 'War Of Mine'

Chicago-based thrash trio Misfire have unveiled their third single, 'War Of Mine', in celebration of their thunderous debut full length Sympathy For The Ignorant which is out now via MNRK Heavy.

Watch the new video here!

Comments drummer James Nicademus,

"It feels amazing to finally have this record out and to be able to share it with the world. We are really proud of this one and we can't wait to play these songs live!"

Latest single, 'War Of Mine', merges classic era thrash akin to early Megadeth with groove metal reminiscent of Pantera into a thundering symphony of horn raising rage!

Captured in a small studio and engineered by bassist/vocalist Sean Coogan, the debut album for Misfire is free from click-tracks and other unnecessary frills, projecting the purity of what three musicians raised on Pantera and the Big 4 sound like in a room together. Sympathy For The Ignorant is heavy, brawny, and confident, filled with the kind of earworm thrash metal riffs that sends aspiring players to the guitar store.

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Thrash trio Misfire Release Third Single ‘War Of Mine’

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