EP Review: The Miser – Memento Mori

EP Review: The Miser - Memento Mori
Reviewed by Matthew Williams

I always like a band that starts their music with a nice bit of feedback before they kick you straight in the balls with a killer riff, and that’s exactly what awaits the listener when they crank up the new 5 song EP from London based band, The Miser.

The 4 piece began their journey back in 2014, and have been spreading their own unique brand of misery ever since, and are now releasing their second EP, entitled 'Memento Mori', on the masses. This will definitely appeal to those who like hard stoner rock, as they have plenty of edge to their noise, all constructed around expertly crafted songs and lyrics.

It all begins with opening track 'House on the Hill' with the opening feedback salvo ably assisted by some explosive drums from Dan Danby, it’s almost like you can feel him smashing the crap of the kit, and they rhythm changes several direction but keeps the song focused before the lead guitar cuts through, leaving you wanting more, and the momentum continues to build into track two 'A New Dream', which has a wonderful chugging riff from guitarist Scott Haslett, allowing vocalist Sean Crocker to deliver the heartfelt and honest lyrics, as the band delve into their own personal experiences around the themes of mental health, horror and loss.

EP Review: The Miser - Memento Mori

The band are reflecting their name, taken from the 14th century painter Hieronymus Bosch and his painting 'Death and the Miser' and third track 'Scars' with a lovely bass intro from Matt Hull, has that dark and gloomy feel to it, with the vocals being more haunting and atmospheric, but then comes the surprise, as on most 5 track EP’s the best tracks are usually stacked first or second, but 'Yeah, We’re Back' is the stand out track for me. Full of passion, heavy, killer riffs, and demonstrates that The Miser are ready to stand toe to toe with anyone. It’s a simple song, but executed magnificently well and showcases what the band are all about.

It all ends with title track 'Memento Mori' a slow brooding intro that leads into a more sinister song, which kicks along at a really great tempo and shows that they have a bit of diversity in their arsenal. It’s a very interesting release, that will intrigue and captivate the listener in equal measure, but ultimately, it does what it says on the tin, and kicks ass!!!

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