Album Review: Maerzfeld – Alles Anders

Album Review: Maerzfeld - Alles Anders
Reviewed by Leon Plett

On the 24th of February, the new Maerzfeld album 'Alles Anders' is going to be released. It's been a few years since they released their last album, Zorn, in late 2019.

The album 'Alles Anders' is once again going to handle many current situations. At first, we got the title track, in general, this song is about all the things that changed over the last few years. Not just the COVID pandemic but all the other factors in world politics, war and almost anything else.

the album gives you everything, you expect from a German rock album. We got one track that's a little bit more quiet than the others, a bit softer, but in general there are a bunch of bangers on this album. 'Wach auf' has already been released as a single, after a brutal beginning the song gets a little bit quiet for a few seconds. The refrain sets in much louder than the rest.

The third song is called 'Bakkushan' a Japanese word which basically means "a woman, that's beautiful from behind but ugly from the front".  This song found its way on the album because the singer, Heli, really likes the word Bakkushan and not because of the subject itself.

Album Review: Maerzfeld - Alles Anders

Next to this, we have songs 'Ich bin der Tod' and '100 auf 0'.

'100 auf 0' delves into the restrictions during the COVID pandemic. Basically, it's about how the band was impacted in that timeframe. "You are touring across the country and without any advance warning you have to cancel your whole tour and don't know when you are able to tour again. The situation hits you very hard, especially as a musician."

'Ich steige auf' is about never losing the hope. Just keep doing your stuff and you will profit some day. A very quiet and peaceful song. I love the ballad style. 'Keinen Sinn' is dealing with a man in a relationship, where his woman is being critical of him. Is he too old or too young? Is he too tall or too small? In this case of so many criticisms of him he doesn't make sense of this relationship.

The eighth track 'Schönen Weltuntergang' handles the situations we are currently running into. It's about the end of the world. So many things aren't going as they should, and that's a catastrophe. We aren't looking or hoping for this to come true, but the idea behind this song is absolutely true. 'Hübschler:in', which was previously released on the album 'Tief', gets a new more modern and harder version. Both versions are awesome, but I prefer the new version as it's beginning is harder and the sound is more to my liking. Personally, I really like the melody of 'Plötzlich tut es weh'. The track itself isn't hard this much, but the style of it really gets me.

The last song Lange nicht is inspired by a German quote "Wir haben uns lange nicht gesehen", which means: "we haven't seen each other in a long time". The song has been released as a single in 2022 and the fans really love it. This is the perfect ending for a great album like this.

It's a great piece of German rock music. There are so many stories which are being told in it.

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