Album Review: Sarcoptes – Prayers To Oblivion

Album Review: Sarcoptes - Prayers To Oblivion
Reviewed by Rick Eaglestone

Following on from their ‘Plague Hymns’ EP, Sarcoptes interconnect a series of historical tragedies in chronological order from the events of World War I to the Vietnam war with latest release ‘Prayers To Oblivion’.

The album opens with the thirteen-minute cacophony of atmospheric brutality 'The Trenches' is from start to finish fast paced and sets the tone for what follows which is the much shorter but no less intense 'Spanish Flu'.

Album Review: Sarcoptes – Prayers To Oblivion

It’s hard to believe that something so balanced and absorbing comes from two people as the undercurrents that run through this certainly keep the listener engaged and unable to band their head and as the album heads into another thirteen minute offering and my personal highlight 'Dead Silence' I can’t help but appreciate the musicianship as I have picked up on different soundscapes with each listen.

The album concludes with 'Tet' which is without a shadow of a doubt the heaviest & fastest track of this release and then as has been the pattern ‘Prayers To Oblivion’ ends with the longest offering the slower, more purposeful but not less intense 'Massacre at My Lai' the change of pace in the early stages of the final track only adds to appeal of this album because as it progresses weaving intensity and atmosphere it showcases and encompasses everything that the duo of Garrett Garvey and Sean Zimmerman have done so well here.

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