Moshin’ The Roof On Returns Raising Money For Shelter

Moshin' The Roof On Returns Raising Money For Shelter

Now in it’s 4th year, the ‘Moshin’ The Roof On’ series continues to do what it set out to do before the pandemic! That being, raise money to help the homeless in the UK by releasing a limited edition CD, chock full of UK underground thrash talent.

Raising nearly £6000 across the first 3 years, Volume 4 will once again release 30 tracks of blistering, face melting, riff driven metal on the world and donate all the profits to Shelter.

Curated by Neil from UK Thrashers, the original desire to do something was born from a conversation with Cat from The Razors Edge and her work with the homeless, and it’s something that bands and fans have got behind and supported from the start, with advanced and exclusive content filling the ‘who’s who’ compilation of the UK underground.

This year is no exception, with tracks from across the country showing the rich vein that is being tapped and featuring advanced tracks, specially mastered demo’s, new releases and hidden gems that will have any thrash metal warrior foaming at the mouth!

This year features old friends such as Hellfekted, Blacklist, Thrasherwolf, Sidewinder, Trapped in Purgatory and Dislocator as well as new friends such as Fracture Point, Mechanized and Death Assault. With bands like Repulsive Vision and Vulgore bring some Death Metal terror, whilst Overpower, Aggrieved and Cage Fight are bringing some massive crossover vibes.

Pre-order on the UK Thrashers BandCamp page in time for the albums release on the 7th April 2023.

But that’s not it, this year MTRO gets additional support from Manorfest and Unearthed Music who have declared the debut ‘Manorfest Mercia’ the Moshin’ The Roof On Volume 4 launch party! Join contributing Bands like - King Abyss, All Consumed, Recall The Remains. Vulgore and Repulsive Vision as well as previous MTRO alumni Tortured Demon and headlined by UK Thrash royalty Xentrix.

So book your tickets for The Hairy Dog, Derby on the 1st April for a massive party!

So get involved, get those pre-orders in, get along for a circle pit, and support Moshin’ The Roof On as it continues to LOUDLY COMBAT HOMELESSNESS in 2023.

2023 Bands

Fracture Point, Dislocator, Aggrieved, Ghostkeeper, Hellfekted, All Consumed, Recall The Remains, Heavy Claw, Scarred By Truth, Day Of Wrath, King Abyss, Akilla, Overpower, Sidewinder, Cimmerian, Hands Of Attrition, Death Assault, Visitor, Trapped In Purgatory, Thrasherwolf, Evisarize, Halberd, Imperium, Seven Year War, Must Kill, Repulsive Vision, Vulgore, Blacklist, Mechanized, Cage Fight

If you missed it last year - you can check our coverage of volume 1 here.

Moshin’ The Roof On Returns Raising Money For Shelter

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