EP Review: Schizophrenia – Chants Of The Abyss

EP Review: Schizophrenia - Chants Of The Abyss
Reviewed by Richard Oliver

One band that has been making an impression amongst thrashers and death metallers alike are Belgian death thrashers Schizophrenia. With an acclaimed debut album and E.P. under their belts, Schizophrenia offers up another E.P. but this time it is comprised of cover songs. As the band explains “Playing covers has always been deeply rooted in Schizophrenia. Since the start of the band, we have always included one in our live set list” and the band wanted to include one on their debut full length album Recollections Of The Insane “but it didn’t feel exactly right. That’s when slowly the idea of recording 'Chants of the Abyss', an entire cover EP, came about.”

EP Review: Schizophrenia - Chants Of The Abyss

Chants Of The Abyss is made up of six cover songs that are very much the make up and influences of the band from thrash metal to death metal to old school heavy metal and hardcore punk as well. We get solid covers of Necrophiliac by Slayer and Strike Of The Beast by Exodus. There is an absolutely furious cover of Maze Of Torment by Morbid Angel as well as an intense cover of Metal Meltdown by Judas Priest whilst we get thrashed up covers of punk and hardcore tunes Bullet by Misfits and Race Against Time by GBH. Covers releases can be tricky things in that they can either be carbon copy versions of the originals or the band tries to put their own stamp on these songs. Thankfully Schizophrenia give their own interpretation of these songs meaning that this is a bit more interesting than the standard covers album.

Schizophrenia show off their influences and give their own death thrashing take on these songs but unless you are a big time fan of the band this is not really an essential listen though it is definitely fun and enjoyable and the Judas Priest cover is well worth a listen due to it being a different take on the song. Overall though this is a bit of a fans only release. Fun but far from essential.

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