Album Review: Pupil Slicer – Blossom

Album Review: Pupil Slicer - Blossom
Reviewed by Rick Eaglestone

Two years on from their debut Pupil Slicer are back latest science fiction/cosmic horror album 'Blossom' bringing their own reincarnation of hell to the masses with them.

Laden with a dark emotion the albums short instrumental into 'Glaring Dark of Night' lulls the listener into a false sense of security as the almost black metal start 'Momentary Actuality' should come with its own health warning as its intensity amalgamates various styles with the heartbeat being the combination of ferocious and ethereal vocals.

Continuing the kaleidoscopic voyage through another plane of existence is 'Departure' which has a nice electronic undercurrent with elements of early Sepultura mixed in for good measure.

For me Blossom’s masterpiece is 'Creating the Devil in Our Own Image', Kate Davie’s visceral delivery and cathartic energy is palpable as ever but for me the subtle Queen Adreena tones that nuzzle in between Luke Fabian’s dominant bass lines are just a joy to behold.

An ambitious 8-minute opus switches the album into another gear, with a slower, melodic, and atmospheric start which showcases the musicianship wonderfully, Davie’s vocal combines effortlessly the ringing bass lines once more but midway through the track the unrelenting drum patterns of Josh Andrews and formidable guitar work from former live guitarist Frank Muir really come to the forefront. The chaotic edge and track length of 'The Song at Creation’s End' in particular gives the band the perfect opportunity to showcase the album’s narrative.

Album Review: Pupil Slicer - Blossom

Now, alongside metal a style of music that I love is Drum and Bass and as to 'No Temple' kicked in for the first time through my noise cancelling headphones I was in a very quiet gym mid bench press and well, I may have shouted out my joy at this and also pushed myself to do a few more reps, also just as I thought the Pupil Slicer surely couldn’t get any more intense they go a switch it up once more.

If I if I had to pick one song from this album to recommend to someone that fits the aesthetic of Blossom, it would have to be without any doubt 'Terminal Lucidity' as it effervescent with passion with unrelenting and unapologetic purpose.

Completely taking the album in different direction is the science fiction tones of 'Language of the Stars' before honestly being floored by the emotion that runs through 'Dim Morning Light' as for an album so intense throughout the softer tones and serenity are something that add another dynamic, yes there is a subtle of sprinkle of anguish but rather than take anything away form the overall tone it moulds into something truly special which gives the album an air of finality but that is left for the albums uplifting title track 'Blossom' which not only has some great solos but by the end has me wanting to hit the repeat due to the journey I have been through with this album.

Through darkness and despair the band have grown and matured producing a more coherent and confident sounding album all the while still maintaining their core tenets.

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