Live Review: Electric Callboy – London

Live Review: Electric Callboy - Eventim Apollo, London
1st May 2023
Support: Blind Channel, Future Palace
Words & Photos: Tom Atkin

Never did I imagine I would see this much spandex at what most would class as a metalcore gig.

Tonight’s gig should have been yesterday’s. Moved a day from the o2 Academy to Hammersmiths Eventim Apollo. Much to the appreciation of fans as that opened a further 1000 tickets.

Opening the night is Germany’s Future Palace, A post hardcore 3 piece that is starting to garner quite a following. Even though they are first on, they have gotten everyone in the mood already, launching straight into ‘Dead Inside’ there is no messing about here from them.

Playing mostly songs from their 2022 album “Run” I think if there was anyone in the crowd that had not previously heard of them, They would be checking them out more. Throwing their latest single ‘Malphas’ into the set, giving fans a teaser of what is to come from their next album. Another evolution from them, providing a much heavier sound.

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

Now we are starting to get into the main attractions, the crowd is filling up more, the Apollo’s circle seating area is starting to fill out in anticipation of the night's second support act, Blind Channel.

Blind Channel hail from Finland, Bringing what they call “Violent Pop” to the UK shores. ‘Alive or Only Burning’ was a great first song for them, introducing new fans to the sort of genre they fall in. Joel and Niko’s vocals provide an amazing mix of rapping, screaming and singing. Violent Pop is definitely an accurate description of what they produce!

If you have not heard this band before, They performed in the euro vision song contest, representing their home country and came 6th. They have had 4 albums since 2016, with their most recent release being last year.

They are known for their high energy performances and tonight is no different, Bassist, Olli Matela consistently launching himself about the stage without missing a beat. Their set was filled out with all the hits from their back catalogue, ‘Died Enough For You’, ‘Over My Dead Body’ and ‘Bad Idea’.

The last half of their set starts out in darkness, with the stunning synth noises and drum beats of ‘Flatline’ , their latest single. The lights come on to show the complete band thumping their chests in time to it.
That beat gets the crowd going even more, with movement being seen all over the place. Even in the circle seating there's very few stationary heads!.

Of course they had to throw their cover of Anastacia’s ‘Left Outside Alone’ much to the happiness of everyone in the building, Everyone belting out the lyrics back to the band as if it is not actually a pop song that's been spiced up.

They closed out their set with what some would consider their most famous song, ‘Dark Side’ and they put everything out there for this one. Using every ounce of energy they had left.

Once again another band of the night that will have left an impression on fans both new and old. Blind Channel are back in the UK for the Download Festival this year, If you're going, definitely make time to check them out.

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin
Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

We have about a fifteen minute wait now, and in that time I have never seen so many people with bright spandex and fake moustaches. The Apollo is now rammed wall to wall, this is what we have all been waiting for.

The lights dim and we get the train hostess from Tekkno Train welcoming us aboard. Seconds later. Glitter confetti, everywhere. The crowd bursts into life and no one is still. The concert may be a day late but no one seems to care about that right now.

There is something about hearing 3000 + people chant choo choo choo for the breakdown that really does warm the soul. 

Electric Callboy have really taken control over the world in the past few years, Slingshotting themselves into the limelight. But that does not mean they have forgotten their roots. The set list tonight has everything. Their recent songs that have become viral loves of many and introduced so many new fans to the groups, Alongside songs that got them the hardcore fan base that have followed them since the early days. It seems that even the newer fans have listened to the back catalogue, ‘Mc Thunder 2, HateLove, Supernova’, all of them have the crowd singing back to the group with all their might. 

Of course, with the fact that this tour is in support of their most recent album Tekkno, majority of the songs played were from that album, ‘Arrow of Love, Fuckboi Pump It and We Got The Moves’ all working their way into the set list. The whole set just feels like hit after hit, and the crowd loves it. The atmosphere here is amazing, everyone is having such an amazing time. Dancing, head banging, just generally having a great time.

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin
Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

There are pits all over the place. At the start of ‘Mind Reader’ , Nico and Kevin got the crowd to open a huge circle pit, and of course, the crowd happily obliged. The band is one member down tonight, and it feels as though the attending members are putting 120% into the show to make up for this. They have such a great on stage presence. The lighting, the pyro, the glitter confetti. All of it makes for an absolutely outstanding performance. Oh, and add in the fact that they bring out a piano, to cover ‘When You Say Nothing At All’ and ‘ I want It That Way’

They closed out the night with their most recent releases, ‘Pump It, Spaceman and We Got The Moves’ All three sang with just as much energy as at the start of their set.
This was a great performance, and goes to show that yes they are a fairly comedic band, but they take their craft very seriously.

Electric Callboy are heading back to our shores for Download Festival at the start of June. If you have not been to see Electric Callboy before, before to grab tickets the next time they are nearby. Even if you are only a slight fan.

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin
Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

All photo credits: Tom Atkin

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