Album Review: Sevendust – Truth Killer

Album Review: Sevendust - Truth Killer
Reviewed by Tim Finch

It seems like only yesterday I was sat listening to Sevendust’s last album ‘Blood & Stone’, but on verification that was actually three years ago now. Where has the time gone? A lot has changed in the world since then, yet that album remains as fresh in the memory today as it was on first listen.

This week the band return with the follow up, ‘Truth Killer’, released via Napalm Records.

The album opens with introspective number ‘I Might Let The Devil Win’, a softly spoken ditty, but don’t let the soothing tones lull you into a false sense of security. The meaning behind this song is deep and the power in its message stronger than any music could portray.

Album Review: Sevendust - Truth Killer

Title track ‘Truth Killer’ switches things up, the hook laden riffs stand tall for this nu-metal inspired number driven by Lejon’s vocal range. ‘Won’t Stop The Breathing' follows on, bringing that aggression they group are known for to the forefront. Throughout the recording the band are not afraid to push the envelope, drifting between the more traditional numbers, showing their more emotional side on tracks like ‘Everything', whilst ‘No Revolution’ has a hint of industrial in its jarring opening salvo.

Throughout Sevendust take the formula they have built their careers off, but expand it on it, bringing in fresh ideas, and new ways of approaching song writing. ‘Holy Water’ a perfect example melding the early 2000’s heavy musical style with a more modern edge, juxtaposing their early days with their latter day stylings.

‘Truth Killer’ takes the foundations laid on ‘Blood & Stone’ three years ago and builds upon them. If you weren’t already a Sevendust fan, I doubt there is anything on this album to change your mind. But for those established lovers of the quintet, this album is the next step in the bands storied career and a perfect example of just how good they have become.

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