Live Review: McFly – Norwich

Live Review: McFly - UEA, Norwich
Support: LostAlone
Words & Photos: Tom Atkin

It is wet. Like ridiculously wet. I’ve been going to the UEA for near on twenty one years now. And I don’t think I have seen the queue this big, this early. And especially in a downpour like we have today. 

Tonight kicks off with LostAlone. A British rock band born out of Derby in the mid 2000’s. They are made up of frontman Steven Battelle, Drummer Mark Gibson and Bassist Alan Williamson. Erupting on to the stage with 'Enduring the Dream' from their 2022 album 'The Warring Twenties' the bands previous hiatus doesn't seem to have had an effect on the band at all. 

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

An absolutely spot on performance from the whole band. Steven is a phenomenal front man that really grabs the attention of the crowd. Laughing and joking, and even posing intentionally for all the photographers in the pit to not show off his double chin!

With four studio albums and only a thirty five minute set, they picked out some of their fan favourites to chuck in to the show tonight, including 'False Flag Feelings' and 'Hostage'. Each one performed with just as much energy as the last. 'Blood Is Sharp' and 'Crusaders' filled out the middle of their set, both taken from their older albums before the hiatus, and they still perform with as much energy and perfection as their newer songs.

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

Before taking exit from the stage, we are treated to their latest release, 'I’m a Fire That You Can’t Put Out' released just under two weeks ago. The last song of the night is off 2022’s album, 'The Last Drop Of Forever', and this song really seems to push the bands talent. The vocals are just, incredible. The crowd seem to be completely blown away by LostAlone’s performance tonight. I think the only downside is that they did not have a longer set. Another 10/15 minutes, would of been just perfect.

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

The UEA is now packed and we have tonight’s main act, McFly. I will start this by saying, I am not a massive McFly fan. Never actively listened to them - BUT - my god my opinion has been changed. 

Opening their set with the incredible riff to 'Where Did All The Guitars Go' the crowd (still drenched from the rain) come alive. McFly is another band who have a completely varied audience, people from all walks of life are here, and all of them just as dedicated and excited as the person standing next to them. Selling out two shows, at the same venue, within a week of each is not an easy task.

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

You can see why though, the chemistry between Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry is absolutely infectious. Their live performance is just pure fun. With such a large back catalogue they have plenty of songs to pick from. However as this tour is in support of their latest album 'Power To Play' the majority of the set is taken from that record. Personally, I feel this album is more of a rock and roll styles album, it feels different to previous McFly, and the fans are behind it just as much. 

Because they have such a long set, twenty one songs in total,  I will pop the full set list at the end. However, some notable parts of the show include 'Not Alone' and 'All About You' in stripped back acoustic versions which are absolutely beautiful. This proving that the band are not just pure Pop-Punk energy.  But then you have their classic 'Everybody Knows' which is probably one of their most recognisable songs. Pulling up two audience members onto the stage to play the cow bell for the song.

Purely going off the performance tonight, McFly showed why they are still selling out shows to this day. Being able to play tracks from their first album, with just as much talent as the songs from this years release shows that whilst musically they have changed, they have not changed their passion for their history. 

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

For 'Shine On' McFly brought out LostAlone’s , Steve Battelle, for an absolutely amazing guest spot. 

Of course they closed out the night with their debut single, '5 Colours In Her Hair' which the fans adored. The whole night was met with pretty much every member of the audience singing along to every song. All in, this was an absolutely amazing performance, and as someone that I would not class as a fan, I really enjoyed it. The energy from the band, the admiration from the fans, the atmosphere, this show just embodied what live music is for me. A fun way to escape the day to day and just a reason to be happy. 

Side note: If you previously didn’t enjoy McFly’s music. Definitely give Power To Play a listen. It is a great new direction from the band. 

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin


Where Did All the Guitars Go?
Land of the Bees
One for the Radio
God of Rock & Roll
Friday Night
Route 55
I'm Fine
Too Close for Comfort
Everybody Knows
Star Girl
Not Alone
All About You
Shine On

Forever's Not Enough
Honey I'm Home
5 Colours in Her Hair

Photo Credit: Tom Atkin
Photo Credit: Tom Atkin
Photo Credit: Tom Atkin

Photo credits: Tom Atkin

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