Live Review: Green Lung – Wolverhampton

Live Review: Green Lung - KK's Steel Mill, Wolverhampton
30th November 2023
Support: Inhuman Nature
Words: Cat Finch
Photos: Tim Finch

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock of late, you’ll have noticed that the British Metal scene is thriving with the next generation of bands having a huge wave of success. The Likes of Malevolence, Heriot, Svalbard, Conjurer all playing sold out shows to growing throngs of fans. One of the stand outs on this new generation are Green Lung who’s style of Pagan metal has resonated with fans, and critics alike.

Tonight, the band’s sold out UK tour hits KK’s Steel Mill in Wolverhampton. Originally booked for the smaller room at the venue, they are in the big room tonight as they have sold enough tickets to sell out that smaller room more than five times over, and the big room tonight is packed!

Photo Credit: Tim Finch Photography

Inhuman Nature may seem a strange choice for an opening act on this tour, stepping in to replace Boss Keloid who had been on duty in earlier shows. However, the band showed why they are also in the aforementioned grouping of British bands doing big things right now.

They seamlessly blended elements of Slayer, D.R.I and even a hint of punk, creating a sonic experience that reverberated through the venue. Their intense sound, coupled with powerful vocals, captivated the audience from the first note. Inhuman Nature's stage presence was equally impressive, with each member exuding energy and passion. Leaving a lasting impression, the crowd was eager for more. As an opening act, Inhuman Nature undoubtedly succeeded in warming up the audience and building anticipation for the main event.

Photo Credit: Tim Finch Photography

Green Lung delivered a spellbinding performance that showcased their mastery of occult rock. The Forest Church served as a haunting introduction, setting the mystical tone for the evening. The band seamlessly transitioned between tracks like Maxine (Witch Queen), Woodland Rites, and Mountain Throne, creating a sonic journey through dark realms and ancient rituals. The stage was adorned with atmospheric visuals, enhancing the overall experience. The captivating combination of heavy riffs, intricate melodies, and poetic lyrics made each song a ritualistic celebration. Green Lung's energy was infectious, drawing the audience into a communal experience that transcended the typical concert atmosphere.

Leaders of the Blind and Song of the Stones further highlighted the band's ability to craft intricate narratives within their music. The latter slowing the pace down as bassist Joseph Gast took over vocal duties along with a tribalist drum beat the both soothed and hypnotised.

Photo Credit: Tim Finch Photography

Hunters in the Sky and One for Sorrow showcased the heavier side of Green Lung's sound, with thunderous drums and relentless guitar riffs driving the momentum. The Ritual Tree and Reaper's Scythe displayed the band's versatility, seamlessly transitioning between moods and tempos. The set reaching its climax with Old Gods and Oceans of Time, leaving the audience in a trance like state from a mesmerising performance.

The encore featuring Let the Devil In and Graveyard Sun brought the night to a triumphant close. Green Lung's performance was not just a concert; it was a ritualistic experience that transported the audience to a realm where ancient gods and mystical forces reign supreme. The band's ability to create atmospherics solidified their status as leaders of the next generation. British metal is so strong right now and Green Lung are leading the way.

Photo Credit: Tim Finch Photography
Photo Credit: Tim Finch Photography
Photo Credit: Tim Finch Photography

Photo credits: Tim Finch Photography

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