Strigoi Unveil Haunting Music Video

Strigoi Unveil Haunting New Music Video

Only few days after Paradise Lost guitarist Greg Mackintosh put to rest his side project Vallenfyre, that helped him to overcome the death of his father John, a new ghost appeared in the fog and STRIGOI was born. With an approach that was as nihilistic and crusty as it was cinematically grand, this dire spirit rises from it’s crypt and prepares to unleash its debut album to the world on November 22nd. "Abandon All Faith" is a bonecrushing beast comprising old-school death metal, grindcore and haunting left turns, which conjure feelings of both dread and hostility and is laced with Mackintosh’s trademark lead guitar lines and biting death metal roar.

Named after the troubled spirits in Romanian mythology who could rise from the grave and assume an entirely different form, Strigoi's lineup is rounded out by former Extreme Noise Terror and Vallenfyre bass player Chris Casket, who was also responsible for the project's lyrics. Mackintosh gave him simple thematic guidelines: Attack organised religion, sparingly discuss grief and dive into the countless horrible things humanity continues to inflict upon itself.

The resultant 12-song-debut "Abandon All Faith" was recorded and mixed at Greg's Black Planet Studio between January and March 2019 and today, the English duo unveils a hauting music video directed by Ash Pears.

Designed in the same black and white vein of the band's overall look, 'Phantoms' will clearly evoke some ghosts:


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