Album Review: Agnostic Front – Get Loud!

Agnostic Front

Album Review: Agnostic Front - Get Loud!
Reviewed by Carl Black

You could almost do this review without listening to this album. Short, spikey songs sung with attitude with gang choruses and subject matter that belongs in the street. And on listening to 'Get Loud', all of the above us true. But you should still listen. Why? This band are true warriors, and although they may not have re-invented the wheel, they still sound relevant, fresh and have more enthusiasm than bands half their age.

Album Review: Agnostic Front - Get Loud!

Woven into each of these songs are blood, sweat, tears, love, hate, scars and bitter experience. You may know what's coming but you'll listen anyway because when Agnostic Front play it's always an engaging and thrilling encounter. Vinnie Stigma and Rodger Merit have been doing this for years. The unmistakable guitar sound and the uniquely delivery style of the vocals. They are so good at it, why would they do anything else?

Each song is a slice of reality and truth. They is is no fakery here. This batch of songs stands up to past work. The first song, 'Spray Painted Walls', is a two minute indicator of what's to come from the rest of the album with a flash of every thing they do best. Then we get the fast 'Anti Social', 'Conquer and Devide'; the mid paced with shouting sing alongs 'Get Loud', 'I Remember', 'Urban Decay', 'Pull the Trigger'; the two verse, chorus, solo third riff type songs 'Dead Silence', 'Get Stiches', 'Isolated', 'In My Blood', 'Attention', 'Devistated'.  Plus a hardcore instrumental 'AF Stomp'. Underneath the layers of hardcore you can still hear the classic punk ethic and even tinges of rock n roll.

We've seen in recent years the life span of heavier bands, with a few calling it a day. Agnostic Front as much as we would like to think they'll be here forever and I'll see them next time, will not go on forever. Go see them, support them and appreciate them now, we will miss them when they are gone.

Agnostic Front release 'Get Loud' via Nuclear Blast on November 8th.

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