E.P. Review: White Tundra – Honningfella

E.P. Review: White Tundra - Honningfella
Reviewed by Matthew Williams

On the very first listen to the new 7” E.P. release by White Tundra, you can’t fail to be impressed by their catchy melodies and impressive musicianship. Hailing from Trondheim, the quartet of Norwegian doom fanatics are releasing two new tracks via All Good Clean Records, that are very, very impressive and worthy of your ear.

From the first drum beat of opening track 'Honningfella' to the moment those kick ass stoner, fuzzy riffs pierce your eardrums, you can sense that this is a proper headbangers song from a band that should not be ignored. It has an anthemic chant throughout the song, as if they are summoning the Norse god of music, with lead singer Stevin Kresin’s gruff, gravely vocals leading the charge and encouraging drinking horns to be raised in approval, and will no doubts go down an absolute storm with live audiences.

With second track 'One More Place' you can sense that the Trondheim doomsters are being a bit more gnarly and aggressive in their approach. The opening riff from guitarist Fredrik Moen is warm and fuzzy, with a great stop, start element, that allows clarity to the vocals. The rhythm section of drummer Ola Fuglevaag and bassist Gunnar Lykkeslet Saether, work together seamlessly and in perfect harmony, to push the song forward. The guitars get moodier, crunching out melodies that are both catchy and heavy, with clear references to both Black Sabbath and Kyuss.

And just like that it is all over, but this is one E.P. that I cannot stop playing repeatedly, as its instantly likeable and demands attention. It has great vibes, full of energy and if you haven’t heard of White Tundra before, then you have now, and they have put down a marker to what should be, a great future ahead of them.

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