Album Review: Cutterred Flesh – Sharing is Caring

Album Review: Cutterred Flesh - Sharing is Caring
Reviewed by Daniel Phipps

Cutterred Flesh are a twenty year veteran of the Czech death metal scene. The band who has a healthy back catalogue of releases over their two decades have teamed up with one of the busiest labels in extreme metal Transcending Obscurity Records to release a new slab of furious and catchy death metal.

'Sharing is Caring' is an extremely versatile sounding record. It’s first and foremost built around a foundation of straight up solid death metal. Awesome catchy riffs, tight heavy drumming and a viscous vocal display is found throughout, but what makes it versatile is that Cutterred Flesh are not satisfied with making a one-dimensional record. The five piece craft a collection of tracks in which they have crammed full of variety. Cutterred Flesh deliver a rapid transition through each track they bring a strong dark blackened death metal sound through multiple areas of the record weather it being the dark intro section of the albums opening track 'Vibrio Vulnificus' or the weaving between areas of pure onslaught of 'The Mystery of the Black Hen' and this is just one of the numerous styles being used with the albums song writing process

Album Review: Cutterred Flesh – Sharing is Caring

'Sharing is Caring' also has a strong use of melody, this is predominantly in the form of lead work but is found during other areas of the records song writing. As Cutterred Flesh are not your typical pinging snare brutal death metal act these melodies help aide the more straight up brutal sections found within Sharing is Caring, that are full of strong blast beats, furious double bass, and shear shredding guitar work. The vocals are deep and aggressive however like the song writing switched to a higher sound when appropriate with the blackened death metal sound.

'Sharing is Caring' is wrapped up in beautiful artwork from Par Olofsson, who’s twisted cover art matches the twisted creation that Cutterred Flesh have created. Sharing is Caring creates a truly interesting listening experience due to its variety of style and mood changes which move throughout each song. These variations add to the effectiveness and enjoyable listening experience. I believe if this were a more straight forward and for lack of a better term generic sounding record it would not be as an enjoyable listen.

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