E.P. Review: Sign of Death – Revival

E.P. Review: Sign of Death - Revival
Reviewed by Neil Bolton

Out of the fertile thrash lands of Germany comes Signs of Death. 2019 saw the birth of this band compromising of Oskar (guitar), Gannis (guitar), Georg (vocals). With newer members Rene and Puggy joining in 2021, the trip to Empire Studios was booked.

'War of Minds' is the opening track from this five track E.P. and guitars take the limelight at the beginning, followed quickly by thrashing drums. Fast thrash riffs burst out into the world as Georg takes to the microphone. His vocals are clean but harsh and mix well with the aggression of the song. The tempo is quick and the instrumentation sharp.

Sign of Death are a thrash band who play thrash the old school way.

A hammering guitar solo rides out before the sticky riff growls back into the front and takes the track to its completion.
'No Compromise' is next and the thrashing continues; the riff is heavy and nimble with drums and cymbals being struck and pounded open with lightning precision. 'I See My Death' continues the party in the framework already set out.

E.P. Review: Sign of Death – Revival

For me, thrash music is all about speed, aggression and technique, and this band succeed in these three elements. Guitar solos are not frowned upon and breakdowns are used sparingly. 'Hopes and Dreams' is dripping in heavy metal heritage and does not stray away from the successful formula on display. Circle pits, raised horns, and successes await Sign of Death.

The final track is a bonus track and what a bonus it is, 'Lost' starts and stops and then starts once more to burst out into full on thrash aggression. The whirlwind tempo continues to impress.

The cover art of this E.P., provided by Moon Ring Design, perfectly matches the music contained within. It screams thrash metal, and thrash metal is what you get!

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