Album Review: Exocrine – The Hybrid Suns

Album Review: Exocrine - The Hybrid Suns
Reviewed by Gareth Pugh

Is it really two years since Exocrine dropped their fourth album ‘Maelstrom’? I guess it must be, because almost to the week, they drop album number five, the even more impressive 'The Hybrid Suns'.

Now let's just stop for a minute or two and go through a few pre-flight health checks here, if you're not ready, you might need urgent medical attention because this certainly isn't for the weak hearted! Those with hypertension need not apply as this is brutal, technical death metal in its most extreme form.

'The Hybrid Suns' builds on its magnificent predecessor 'Maelstrom' and the fact they've kept a constant line-up this time round has allowed the band to move forward without missing a step. The biggest difference I see between the two albums is that this time around, the confidence in their own song writing is higher. The songs on 'The Hybrid Suns' are in general shorter and more succinct, whereas on 'Maelstrom' the band seemed to feel the need to repeat sections or add an extra segment or two. Here they have the self-confidence to trim the excess and keep things concise. That doesn’t mean that these songs are simple, or the band aren’t afraid to take risks. For instance on the title-track and second single ‘Dying Light’, the band utilise both synths and female vocals to excellent effect without taking away any of the brutality.

Album Review: Exocrine – The Hybrid Suns

Now lets’ get this straight, and as I’ve alluded to earlier, this album is fast, very fast and it just doesn’t relent. The overall shorter song lengths are definitely a bonus, and when the odd lull in proceedings come it’s like a brief calm in the vortex, grasp those moments, because you’ll need the respite from the unrelenting aggression.

That being said, Exocrine isn't just white noise, the melodies that are present are simply stunning and I can hardly believe the guitar work of Octor-Perez and Nicolas La Rosa, twisting around the ferocity, it really is simply extraordinary.

As well as speed and melody, let’s not forget the technical aspect, these guys can hold their own with anyone, fans of Watchtower and Toxik, might well find them enjoying many qualities of Exocrine.

Those of you who are already familiar with Exocrine will be thrilled by this new album, and if you’re a progressive, technical death metal connoisseur, and have yet to have the pleasure, this might well be the chance to grasp the nettle and dive in. Just don’t blame me for that trip down the rabbit hole, as there are three previous albums that are almost as impressive to check out. Enjoy the ride.

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