Single Review: Elyrean – Lungs of Venus

Single Review: Elyrean – Lungs of Venus
Reviewed by Tim Finch

Just a few weeks ago West Midlands thrashers Elyrean dropped the hotly anticipated ‘Perpetually Entombed’, their first new music in over a year and on highlighting the bands updated line up. They followed that up with a stunning show in support of Brazilians Nervosa.

But what is next for this quartet? This June the juggernaut carries on with the next single ‘Lungs of Venus’ released on June 16th with accompanying video.

The song itself starts with a menacing repetitive tone, an electric heart beat of a spaceships engine that gets faster and faster until from the distance the guitars kick in, growing louder, getting nearer, replacing the buzzsaw intro with a rip roaring aural assault.

Single Review: Elyrean – Lungs of Venus

There’s a hint of modern day Metallica to the guitar’s entrance, similar in tone to the thrashier numbers the legends have put out in recent years. But as Will Edwards vocals kick in there is no mistake who this is. His gravel filled growl fills the listeners ears with a blood curdling chill as the song progresses.

Lyrically the band take us on a journey with this ditty, through space and time, this interstellar themed romp through the vast galaxy before us.

At the three minute mark a guitar solo kicks in that reminds you of Master of Puppets era Metallica, and as the song winds down a second solo takes you on a different path, weaving a story and adding an almost proggy element to proceedings.

Yet again Elyrean have out done themselves, letting this tune seep into your consciousness you can hear the development in their song writing prowess. The songs structure and progression show a maturity of skills they haven’t shown previously and leaves you waiting in anticipation for what they come up with next!

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