Single Review: MC16 – Decent Pubs and Murder

Single Review: MC16 - Decent Pubs and Murder
Reviewed by Dan Barnes

MC16 are dedicating themselves to the true spirit of Punk and Oi! [©Resistance77] by addressing political and social issues and doing so in a thought-provoking, yet entertaining way. Their excellent No Blood No Guilt record is packed full of caustic comments on the state of the world, be that the seemingly systemic corruption and blind eyes being turned by successive administrations in Anti; the erosion of communities in United States of Generica and the speaks for itself message of Class War.

However, the track destined to be MC16’s defining moment is Sleeping on Cardboard, a vitriolic attack on the treatment of those who have worn a uniform and stood a post in defence of this nation, yet are cast aside, many with difficulties from their time in the service. “A medal means shit when you’re sleeping on cardboard” encapsulates the gross nature of this particular sin.

With writing for a new record underway, we’ve had an advanced preview of their latest subject: the post-modern infatuation with surface detail.

Decent Pubs and Murder opens with Quinn’s huge bass sound and Duffy assaulting his cymbals and a random snipped of conversation from any pub, anywhere. Carson’s guitar soon joins but does so in clean staccato interjections rather than building riffs. A gang vocal mantra of the title repeats throughout the track and is destined to become a call and respond highlight when MC16 next hit the road.

Everything comes together in the middle 8th and the line: “you can’t call them bouncers anymore” which inspired the band to consider the ever-increasing war on words and language, in light of a doorman being convicted of Manslaughter.

Hence the seemingly odd title. It is used to highlight the linguistic veil covering the uncomfortable truths of modern situations. Duffy offers the song could easily have been called Flower Beds and Rough Sleepers or Free Yoga and Knife Crime, as both disguise the reality of a world increasing devoid of meaning.

As a meeting of style and substance, Decent Pubs and Murder’s apparent light-heartedness masks the deep questions and dark truths hidden within the composition: Who watches the watches? Who keeps us safe from those charged with our safety? Sobering questions, indeed.

The country needs bands like MC16 to pull back the curtain and expose the machinations of the false wizards. It’s the reason Punk exists in the first place and if they can draw the attention of a few to the homogenisation of our hometowns, the corruption of media and politics and the tragedy of discarded service personnel then, hopefully, the dominos will start to teeter.

I await a new full-length with bated breath, both musically and to see who or what MC16 will set their sights on next.

Single Review: MC16 – Decent Pubs and Murder

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