Album Review: Corey Taylor – CMF2

Album Review: Corey Taylor - CMF2
Reviewed by Tim Finch

In October of 2020 Corey Taylor, legendary frontman of the most infamous band in heavy metal - Slipknot, released his first solo album, breaking from the shackles of the aforementioned band and Stone Sour. This solo album allowed him to express himself in ways we’d not seen publicly before, to spread his wings and tread paths less trodden.

Three years on he’s back with ‘CMF2’ the follow up to ‘CMFT’. Taylor himself states "My first solo album was kind of where I was coming from. This album is more where we're going". So what does he have in store? Let’s find out!

The album opens with two minute number ‘The Box’, a gentle introduction to the album which starts with an acoustic guitar and lyrics “Come Out of nowhere…” and certainly this song has done just that. It’s a softly spoken ditty, the calm before the storm, that settles the listener into a safe place that they will soon get ripped from.

‘Post Traumatic Blues’ flips things on its head, a myriad of noises melded together, enough to send you mad if forced to listen to for too long. But through the noise rises as rousing, fast paced drum beat and then Taylor’s familiar screams. This song is a battering ram of noise, chunky riffs and brimming full of aggression.

Album Review: Corey Taylor - CMF2

The variation in pace continues through the album, ‘Talk Sick’ has a classic era Guns N Roses feel to it, rockier and full of catchy hooks to get your head bobbing, whilst ‘Breath of Fresh Smoke’ strips things back, the acoustic guitar returns and a ballad ensues.

‘Beyond’ brings things back on track with a dirty, dark little guitar intro dragging the listener deep into the body of the song. A hint of punk rock seeps into ‘We Are The Rest’ whilst ‘Midnight' switches back to the softer side.

Throughout the album Taylor varies pace, style and substance to keep the listener guessing what’s coming next. It has highs and lows, in your face angst through to the warm fuzzy feeling which the ballads give you. ‘CMFT’ was criticised in certain quarters for being too removed from what fans expected, although Slipknot mk II this project was never going to be. With ‘CMF2’ those voices will be squashed as Taylor has produced something in between where the first solo album sits and where Slipknot reside. What Taylor has produced is an outstanding solo album that takes the listener on a journey in pace, musical variation and story telling.

Album of the year? Probably not. But a great heavy offering, most certainly yes!

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