New outfit THICKO Release New Track


New Outfit THICKO Release New Track

Just a few short weeks ago Paul Catten, the mastermind behind Medulla Nocte, Murder One, Barabus and many more, released a swathe of new music. Now he has teamed up with Paul Kenny, the mastermind behind Fukpig, Kroh, Mistress and many more.

The pair have formed THICKO and their first track pulls no punches. 'No Deal Brexit, Mate' should need no description as to its subject matter. Kenny himself often puts a political message across, especially within the confines of Fukpig. Now he and Catten sink their teeth into the latest political quagmire with this no hold barred track.

You can listen to 'No Deal Brexit, Mate' over on the outfits bandcamp page.


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