Album Review: Bonecarver – Evil

Album Review: Bonecarver – Evil
Reviewed by Liam Simpson

The name of this album in itself tells you everything you need to expect, its brutal, fast and everything you could look for in a death metal/slam album. Mind altering gutturals, filthy guitars and breakdowns all smashed together with ungodly blast beats. The opening song 'Revolver' just gives you the energy to prepare yourself for what is to follow with this album.

This quartet hailing from Madrid, Spain have brought to light how brutal the Spanish scene can really be; taking subject influences from serial killers such as Albert Fish and working them hand in hand with their brutal style of music is a symphony to any lover of the genre.

'Evil' is a mash up of death metal, deathcore, slam and black metal combined to bring the assault on all senses. Particularly with songs such as 'The Scythe' and 'Nest of Traitors' which are personal highlights for myself on this record. If you mashed up The Black Dahlia Murder, Thy Art is Murder and Behemoth into a singular sound you would get Bonecarver!

'Evil' drops on the 5th of March via Unique Leader Records, make sure to grab yourself a copy.

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