Album Review: Various Artists – Moshin’ The Roof On Vol. 4

Album Review: Various Artists – Moshin’ The Roof On Vol. 4
Reviewed by Matthew Williams

I was fortunate enough to review Volume 3 last year when it came out and regularly check out a number of the bands that appeared on that list, but now we have Volume 4, with added AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!

For those who are unaware, 'Moshin' The Roof On' continues to support the work carried out in the UK by Shelter, and this 32 song compilation CD, that’s two more than last year, helps once again to combat homelessness across the country.

Since it started in 2020, UK Thrashers has compiled a double album worth of exclusive and advanced tracks to help those less fortunate than ourselves, with over £6000 being raised by Volumes 1, 2 and 3, by showcasing the talent of underground metal across the UK. This release has lots of new and exciting bands to listen to, with some older names thrown in for good measure as well.

32 bands across a double CD is a lot of new music to wrap your head around, but as I slowly digest the different styles, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Disc A kicks off with one hell of a track called 'Dread Legion' by Ghostkeeper, it just explodes from the start and doesn’t let up at all, before Elyrean and Overpower keep the pace fast and furious and then all hell breaks loose with 'Idiocracy' an exclusive track from Bristolian thrashers Trapped in Purgatory.

Album Review: Various Artists – Moshin’ The Roof On Vol. 4

As with most compilations, I get drawn towards the interesting and catchy names of the bands, Death Assault for example this year, but one that caught my eye last year King Abyss have returned again, with the Staffordshire thrashers stealing the show on Disc A with the sublime 'Snake Oil'. Notable mentions also going to the brilliant Fracture Point, with their full frontal assault of a song called 'Age of Hate', 7 Year War with the crushing 'Thin Ice', the ferocious 'Natorum Demonto' by Blacklist and it wraps up with the brilliant 'System' from War Grave.

After those 16 songs, you might need a bit of a lie down, or grab some food and a beer or two, because Disc B doesn’t relent on the chaos and the intense thrash riffs, as it begins with an exclusive track from South West London thrashers Imperium, another band who appeared on Volume 3, with probably my favourite track of the lot 'Capable of Murder', and these are added to that ever growing list of bands I must see in concert.

They set the tone for a run of superb thrash songs, from the likes of Halberd and Aggrieved, before the wonderfully named Thrasherwolf, deliver a lesson in how to deliver a new wave old school thrash song, with the brilliant 'Call of the Wolves'. This is relentlessly intense music from the opening quartet, and there’s no slowing down with Evisarize ripping the place a new arsehole with 'Blood for the Blackened Eyes' before a trio of exclusive tracks from Vulgore, Dislocator and Heavy Claw.

The second disc is wound up by some awesome songs, full of killer riffs, spearheaded by Cumbria’s finest old school death metallers Repulsive Vision, with the brutal 'Through Gaslit Halls', London’s vicious hardcore/thrash/crossover band Cage Fight with the impressive 'One Minute' before it’s wrapped up with an exclusive track from Manchester’s Hellbearer, with 'Arthopods of Annihilation'.

These 32 tracks prove that the underground British thrash scene is in rude health with some quality music being produced across the country and the cause in which they’ve all joined together is a just and noble one.

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