Bloodstock 2022: Ten Bands That Will Surprise You!

Bloodstock 2022: Ten Bands That Will Surprise You!

Bloodstock is just one week away! This is your one week warning!

Everyone is familiar with the big bands playing the weekend, Behemoth the Polish black metal masters, Mercyful Fate who really need no introduction and Lamb of God who have been tearing up stages across the world for more than twenty years now. And looking across the bill that includes the likes of Exodus, Testament, GWAR, Dark Tranquillity, Avatar, Sleep Token and more.

But in this festival preview we are looking past those big names to pick out a handful of bands that you may be unfamiliar with, but ones that are certain to surprise you (aside from the surprise band) and maybe even blow you away this coming Bloodstock weekend!

Mother Vulture – the most explosive band you’ve never heard of! They should have played the festival last year, but the dreaded COVID got in the way. They are balls to the wall rock and fucking roll and the perfect band to get your motor running on Thursday. To give you just a taster of what to expect, check out this clip of the band at Steelhouse last weekend – and get ready for some crowd participation!

(video courtesy of Nigel Taylor - Orange Goblin fan and all round legend)

Red Method  - the London based outfit get their biggest opportunity yet when they open the main stage for the weekend! Their sound is not unlike that of Slipknot, its technical, its fast, its punishing and a whole lot more - but I make it clear they are not Slipknot clones, they are so much more than that. In a recent interview with Jeremy and Stef they promised their show will be one not to miss, and we fully believe them. Get up early on Friday to check them out – you will not regret it!

Tumanduumband – fans of doom get ready! Deserved winners of Metal 2 The Masses in Birmingham, the two man doom band (Tumanduumband - you see what they did there) are all set with dark atmospherics and a heavy tone. Playing the New Blood stage on Friday this will be the highlight of the stage all weekend!

Doyle – Best know as the guitarist for the original Misfits and the younger brother of Jerry Only. Doyle is an outstanding artist in his own right. Whilst you’ll never (knowingly) see him in public without his Misfits makeup on, the enigma cuts a menacing figure on stage, throttling his guitar for all its worth. His solo act is far removed from his old school New Jersey punk background. Founded on razor sharp riffs and the vocal prowess of the slightly insane Alex ‘Wolfman’ Story the show is not to be missed! If ever you were going to see someone scale the Bloodstock rigging during a show… it will be here and now!

Party Cannon – bring your inflatables and get ready for the most fun you’ll ever have whilst getting slammed from every angle in the middle of a death metal pit. Party Cannon bring the fun to the extreme metal world. Expect crowd surfing on inflatables, and a jolly good time all round.

Spiritworld  - The band reissued ‘Pagan Rhythms’ last year to a wider than original audience and blew us here at The Razor’s Edge away. It’s paganism meeting the American Wild West all set in the guise of death metal with a heavy Swedish influence. The band exhume riffs that would not be out of place in a Slayer set and add a hint of additional brutality into a wall of sound like no other. Saturday morning is going to be fun!

Cage Fight – The freshest band on the UK hardcore scene, Cage Fight have come out raging this year. Angered at the current state of the world, their ferocious thrashy riffs and met with an onslaught of anger at everything the world serves to us. The brainchild of James Monteith (who will be absent from the festival due to TesseracT duties) the band will destroy the Sophie tent on Sunday. Expect vocalist Rachel Aspe to be in your face, as your ears melt from the onslaught of noise!

We've chatted with James of Cage Fight twice this year. Find out more below!

Vio-lence – Probably more famous for spawning Robb Flynn and Phil Demmel (Machine Head) than anything else. The five piece thrash outfit garnered a cult following back in the day but didn’t get enough recognition beyond said sub-genres walls there after. Reforming in 2018 with Demmel back in the fold, new EP ‘Let The World Burn’ is brutal. What we can expect from their Bloodstock set is anyones guess, but it is one not to be missed!

Heriot – What? You’ve not heard of Heriot? Where have you been for the last twelve months? The band with THE fastest growing reputation in the British metal scene. The metalcore outfit produce a sheer sonic assault like no other and coming off the back of their appearance at Slipknot’s own Pulse of the Maggots festival just a few days prior, their Bloodstock is set to be a scorcher!

Desert Storm – For all the stoner rock fans at the festival, what better highlight than the home grown talent of Desert Storm. Mixing elements of prog in with their stoner sound, they are the future of the British scene and their return to Bloodstock will be a weekend highlight!

Obviously all the big names will shine this year at Bloodstock Festival, but scratch the surface and there is some talent just waiting to surprise you!

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