Release Round Up – September 2nd 2022

Release Round Up

Release Round Up - September 2nd, 2022 

Every Friday there is a tidal wave of new music released unto the world. Whilst we try to cover as much as possible here at The Razor's Edge, it's not always possible to review everything. So each week on a Friday we'll round up some of the best new music available, some we've reviewed, some we haven't, but all worth checking out!

Theres a lot of new heavy music hitting the airwaves this week, everything from black metal, death metal, gothic metal, Stoner rock, doom, thrash metal and even some of your traditional heavy fuckin' metal!

Here's what we think you should check out today!

Megadeth are back, ripping thrash fans a new one on 'The Sick, The Dying... and the Dead'.

"an all-out thrash attack from the first second and will have the old boys salivating with memories of their youth forty years hence past."

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Power metal royalty Blind Guardian release 'The God Machine' this week via Nuclear Blast.

"The God Machine is a roaring return to form of what fans have come to expect from the German legends."

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Veteran space rockers Hawkwind release live album 'We Are Looking In On You' via Cherry Red.

"The next couple of hours will be a smooth and comfortable ride with all the imperfections of a live rock 'n' roll show."

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Slovenia death metallers Ensanguinate release 'Eldritch Anatomy' via Emanzipation Productions.

"a full assault of primitive sounding thrashy death metal."

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Bristol death metal outfit Imperium return with album number three 'Ex Mortis Gloria' on Ultimate Massacre Productions.

"death metal that is equal amounts technicality and brutality."

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Aussie thrashers Asylum release 'Tyrannicide' this week.

"Hard driven thrash riffs, tight and hard rhythms embellished by double bass beats and searing solos that hurt your head."

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King Buffalo release the thrid of their pandemic trilogy 'Regenerator' via Stickman Records.

"an album that should cement the band’s status as one of the most exciting in rock music today."

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Thai brutalists Reincarnated release 'Of Boötes Void Death Spell' via Inhuman Assault.

"a terrific and terrifying death/doom album that excels where other acts of similar ilk have fallen short."

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Wraith, Black Knife, Graveripper, Unholy Night team up on split release 'Faster Than The Fucking Devil'.

"An unholy black thrash alliance"

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And thats just the tip of the iceberg! Other releases today we think you should check out include...

Rock / Hard Rock / Classic Rock

Bad Luck Friday - Bad Luck Friday (Wide Fire Records)
Dear Seattle - Someday (UNFD)
GOTT - To Hell To Zion [EP] (Self-released)
Mezzoa - Dunes of Mars (Iron Head Records)
State of You - State of You [EP] (Silent Cult)
Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited Live: Seconds Out & More

Heavy Metal

Oceans Ate Alaska - Disparity (Fearless Records)
Rituals - Show Me The Signs [EP] (Self-released)
Toxicon - Be The Fire & Wish For The Wind (Self-released)
Trial - Feed the Fire (Metal Blade Records)

Death Metal

Defacing God - The Resurrection of Lilith (Napalm Records)
Diabolic Oath - Aischrolateria (Sentient Ruin)
Fear Disease - Floodgates (WormholeDeath)
Heads For The Dead - The Great Conjuration (Transcending Obscurity Records)
Silurian - End of Ordovicia (Ordovician Records)
Xenobiotic - Hate Monolith (Unique Leader)
ZeTA - Binary Enigma (Self-released)

Thrash Metal

Mantic Ritual - heart Set Stone [EP] (M-Theory Audio)
The Decayed-  Corrupt politicians Will Never Set You Free (Sliptrick Records)
Under The Oak - Rattus Norvegicus (WormholeDeath)

Stoner Rock / Doom / Sludge / Psych

Excurse - Sitra Ahra (Dying Sun Records)
Gone Cosmic - Send for a Warning, the Future's Calling (Grand Hand Records)
Strangulation - Strangulation (Dying Sun Records)
Trouble - Live in Stockholm (Hammerheart Records)
Veldune - Veldune (Nightfloat Recordings)

Symphonic Metal

Epica - Consign To Oblivion [REISSUE] (Nuclear Blast)
Epica - Live at Paradiso [New Live Album] (Nuclear Blast)
Epica - The Phantom Agony [REISSUE] (Nuclear Blast)
Epica - The Score [REISSUE] (Nuclear Blast)
Epica - We Will Take You With Us [Live ALBUM REISSUE] (Nuclear Blast)

And the rest...

156/Silence - Narrative (Sharptone Records) [Metalcore]
And Now The Owls Are Smiling - Epitaph (Clobber Records) [Black Metal]
Anxious Wave - Live From The Poison Factory (Nefarious Industries) [Punk]
Feather Mountain - To Exit a Maelstrom (Audible Music) [Progressive Metal]
Levi Nice - Utilitarian Art (Counter Clockwise Records) [Post Rock]
Miss May I - Curse of Existence (Sharptone Records) [Metalcore]
Rosa Nocturna - Angels and Beasts (Self-released) [Folk Metal]
Sobriquet - Apotheosis [EP] (Self-released) [Hardcore]
Sunflo'er - All These Darlings And Now Me (Dark Trail Records) [Hardcore]
The Callous Daoboys - Celebrity Therapist (MNRK Heavy) [Mathcore]
The Cheats - XXI (Screaming Crow Records) [Punk]
Various Artists - Dead Formats Vol. 1 (Pure Noise Records) [Punk]

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